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Attention all teachers and math enthusiasts! A fun and interesting way to teach maths is through the online game 99 Maths. The app is tailored for children of all ages and academic levels and may be used to practice several arithmetic concepts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

99 Math is a platform for 1st to 8th-grade teachers to help them get the results as soon as possible. 99 Math is a website where students can play maths games individually. There are around 1000 maths topics which you can pick from.

Playing 99 Maths

  1. The 24 Game: This game challenges players to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to reach the number 24 using all four operations.
  2. 3-Digit Addition War: In this game, two players compete to see who can add three-digit numbers together the fastest.
  3. Calculator Caper: A race to see who can enter equations on a calculator the quickest – perfect for practicing mental math!
  4. Chalkboard Challenge: Players take turns solving math problems on a chalkboard – whoever makes the most mistakes loses!

Why 99 Maths?

Tired of dull and repetitive math programs that fail to engage your child’s interest? Look no further than 99 Maths! But be aware of its playful design and fun activities – this program offers much more than just entertainment. The hidden benefits of 99 Maths may surprise you. From critical thinking skills to improved confidence, read on to discover why it’s so much more than just another math program.

How to teach maths with 99 Maths?

As a warm-up activity: Before starting a new math lesson, you can use 99 Maths as a warm-up activity to get students’ minds thinking about math. This can help to improve students’ focus and attention during the lesson.

As a review activity: After teaching a new math concept, you can use 99 Maths as a review activity to help students practice what they have learned. This helps solidify students’ understanding of the concept.

As a formative assessment: You can use 99 Maths to assess students’ understanding of math concepts. This can help you to identify areas where students need additional help.

You can set clear goals for each session when teaching maths with the “99 Maths” online game. Before you start playing 99 Maths, take a moment to set clear goals for the session.

The benefits of incorporating math games into your classroom routine include the following:

-Helping students to understand mathematical concepts better

-Providing practice in solving problems

-Encouraging teamwork and cooperation among classmates

-Allowing students to have fun while learning

Tips on Making the Most Out of 99 Math Games in the Classroom

  1. Encourage all students to participate by making the games inclusive and fun for everyone.
  2. Choose games appropriate for your student’s skill levels and focus on the concepts you want them to learn.
  3. Use technology and online math games to supplement your classroom instruction.
  4. Use math games to assess your students’ understanding of the material and identify areas where they need additional help.
  5. Keep track of the high scores and reward students who excel at the game

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Different Resources to Get Started with 99 Math Games

All sorts of resources are available to get started with math games in your classroom routine. Many popular board games can be easily adapted for math instruction, and many online resources and apps specifically target math skills. Some great places to start looking for math games are:




– 123 Homeschool 4 Me

– The Imagination Tree


Incorporating 99 Math Games into your classroom routine can be a great way to keep your students engaged, motivated, and challenged. Incorporating 99 Math Games into your classroom routine is a surefire way to improve student outcomes while simultaneously having fun!

A revolutionary maths program called 99 Maths provides a thorough method for teaching and understanding mathematics. It can close the educational gap between conventional and cutting-edge approaches with interactive games, tests, and lessons.

Students learn more quickly and with fewer interruptions thanks to this, and it also stimulates the improvement of their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In the end, 99 Maths offers parents a practical means of raising their kids’ academic performance and assisting them in realizing their full academic potential.

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