How To Use And Join Blooket In Easy Steps?


Blooket is a platform that allows the student to compete with others and give tests together in an engaging and fun way. Blooket also joins a list of games that helps students learn effectively in classrooms.

Every teacher today wants to entertain their students. If you are also a teacher or want to keep your student connected and entertained, you should join Blooket. Teachers can easily use this online platform to start a game for students and involve them by code.

About booklet

Blooket is an online platform that brings excitement and entertainment to the classroom. It is used by teachers to hold a friendly competition among students. There are a number of blookets you can use in math /science standards.

  • For science

Earth science, plate boundaries, invasive species, ecosystem, species interaction, rock cycle, fossils, landforms, weathering, earth interior, etc

  • For advisory, Holidays, and film

Earth Day, St Patrick’s Day, anime, the name that logo, popular movies, sports, name Disney movies by scene, black history, and self-esteem

  • For math

Equations and expressions- Two-step equations, Two-step inequalities, Solving one-step addition, step equations, distributive property, Subtraction equations, factoring algebraic equations, etc

How does the Blooket platform work

Blooket is used by teachers, in which they get a free account with their email addresses. Teachers assign codes to students so they can easily join. Games are built in this in which the pre-built questions are asked to students.

Once the answers are supplied and points you get, these may use in the game before returning to the following questions in mode.

Features of blooket

  • Blooket is the best tool for students and teachers because it is designed well for people of all ages and has easy to use interface.
  • It is a helpful tool for students and teachers because it permits people to learn from each other and exchange their ideas.
  • It is a good feature of blooket that permits the teacher to group students together in an easy way.
  • The best thing is that it rewards the group of students according to their best performance. This feature helps the student to stand out in competition through the game.
  • Students would like to return to playing games even when they are not present in class because it is addictive.
  • It allows the students to continuously play learning games and keep their interest in Blooket for a long time.

A way to use Blooket

You have to follow some guidelines to use the blooket in an easy way. Here are the simple steps you should follow to use Blooket

  • Sign up or log in

First, you have to create an account at blooket. As the teacher, if you want to create the question paper or invite students, then you should create an account or log in to your existing account first. After this, Blooket redirects you to the online dashboard.

  • Pick question set

Here, you can find the pre-made blooket from the Discover sections and make a game. As the blooket is a quizzed-based game, this platform provides you with a set of question papers in different themes or formats. You can easily create the question set, offers your questions, use the picture to answer favorites, import question set, etc

  • Choose game mode

After adding the question to the question set, you have to tap on a host that takes you toward the game mode window. Pick the game mode from the given options. Once you choose the game mode, you should be asked to edit the pre-default setting in this app. Then tap on “ host Now.”

  • Invite students

A gamer ID will create and display on your screen. Set ID to students and tell them to join the quiz with this gamer ID.

  • Determine results

Once the quiz is completed by students, the teachers give you brief reports of your results. This tool gives the performance of students in a detailed form that is used later to reveal results and declare the winner of this quiz.


Blooket is an individual or group study platform online that is run on the internet. Blooket joins the growing classroom list for game show platforms for students to ensure they as most entertained in class.

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