7 Tips For women Look Fresh during the Summer

Tips For women Look Fresh during the Summer

As the temperature changes with the sun shining bright don’t let it harm your skin or body. Sweating, sun damage, and pollution can dull your skin also make it tanned. To look fresh in summer one has to follow several tips and tricks to look good.  To help you take better care of your skin, we are here with some essential tips for your skin and body that help you to look good in humid weather.

Top 7 Best Tips For Women Look Fresh during the Summer

1. Protect your skin from the sun:

Protect your skin from the sun

one of the most important thing or favor you can do to your skin is to protect them from direct sun heat. The sun rays are very harsh on sensitive skin the harmful UV rays will make the skin look dull and tanned at same time. While cleansing you face always always use cold water and gentle face wash.. To avoid this always apply sunscreen everyday no matter if you are going out or not. We sunscreen at least having SPF of 30+ and reapply it always after 3 hrs. Consider wearing sunglasses and hats if you are going out.

2. UV protection arm sleeve:

Arm Sleeves Sun UV Protection

It is not only the face that requires your attention your body needs it too. So here I am talking about one of the best product that you should have in your summer essentials. A good UV protection Arm sleeve an sunscreen will keep your hand tanning free. These arm sleeves are so cooling, incredibly durable and stretchy. Boys and girls can use them while going out in summers. It has fine texture and designed in such a ways to protect your arm from sun rays and you will have tan free hands throughout.

3. Hydrate your skin:

Hydrate your skin

One of the major tips for everyone properly hydrates your skin. Dehydration can cause lot of trouble to your skin it can make your skin itchy, dry and sensitive. Try to drink water properly as much as you can. Always wear moisturizer designed as per your screen. Avoid harsh substances and paraben free moisturizer.

4. Take Cool showers:

Take Cool showers

Cool showers helps to calm you skin easily where as on the other hand hot showers will make you skin dry and itchy. Try to keep you shower times lesser in case you prefer hot one. Use gentle exfoliator and fragrance free soap for your body it will keep your body fresh also don’t skip to apply sweat control rollons they are saviors in summers.

5. Choose summer friendly fabrics:

Choose summer friendly fabrics

The clothes you wear in summer can have a huge impact on the health of your skin. Look for lightweight breathable fabrics like cotton & linen. Cotton easily absorb sweat and gives you the ultimate comfort in summers. It allows air to pass and prevent skin irritation and itching. Whereas synthetic material such as polyester can trap moisture and will lead to rashes on your skin.

6. Eat variety of fruits juices and vegetable:

Eat variety of fruits juices and vegetable

You can not only nourish your body by just taking care of skin. You need to add proper diet to your skin. Add Raw veggies, plenty water and balanced protein. Have juices and liquids to keep you hydrated. Yogurt will be really helpful for skin as well as for body. Try to consume it on daily basis. Coconut water will also be a good option.

7. Mists:


A face and body mists is must have product that every person should  own in summer. A calming face mist is something you should always carry on your bag. Just spray it in your face to calm your sunburn it will provide hydration to your skin and will refresh your makeup. For the body mist you choose a mild one which will help you to keep your body fresh.

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