5 Of The Best Productivity Tools For Field Sales Reps

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Productivity is the measure of how tools, processes, people, or any other resources of an organization are being used effectively in an optimized way to achieve targets on time. Similarly, sales productivity is used to measure the efficiency of your sales team’s efforts. To measure that, there are many sales tracking tools available in the market. Based on your business type, industry, and team size, you can choose the best tools that fulfill your needs.

These sales tools help sales managers save time and energy. Wondering how? Managers will be handling multiple tasks on a daily basis. They may not have enough time to monitor their sales reps’ activities and find out whether they stay on track. For them, these sales tools are of great help. They can track their field sales reps’ activities from their desk and get instant work updates. Let’s discuss the 5 best tools that boost the productivity of your sales reps and thus your revenue.

5 Best Productivity Tools For Your Field Sales Reps

What is the best way to help your field sales reps at work? Enabling them with the required tools and techniques! By giving them proper training, they feel empowered to handle all the sales processes with confidence. Also, these sales rep tools help them save time by automating repetitive daily tasks. Let’s get into the list:

  1. Lystloc – Field Employee Tracking App

Lystloc is a leading field employee tracking app that increases the productivity of your field workforce. This app provides SaaS-based location intelligence solutions that will help your business grow. The best-in-class features of the Lystloc app will help the sales managers to track and monitor your field employees from their desks. You can save your leads and tasks, and you can update and view them anytime from the app. Lystloc has an admin panel and apps are available in android, and iOS versions. API services make it easy to integrate Lystloc with your existing systems.

Key Features 

  • Location-based attendance with geofence options.
  • Real-time tracking to accurately locate your workforce.
  • Task management feature to assign and edit tasks based on your employee locations.
  • Meeting notes to get instant meeting updates from your field employees.
  • Lystdata -A subscription-based automated analytics & reports feature that gives you deeper business insights sent directly to your mailbox.
  1. Zendesk – Pipeline Management Tool

Zendesk Sell is a modern-day sales CRM that helps with your sales pipeline visibility and revenue growth. This acts as a great pipeline management tool by tracking the status of possible opportunities. You can easily integrate this tool with your email marketing tool, data portals, and other existing systems. This tool helps your sales team to understand your customers better and also in taking data-based strategic decision-making.

Key Features

  • Sales engagement tools
  • Task player
  • Email integration
  • Pipeline analysis
  • Messaging and live chat
  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Prospecting Tool

Do you want to reach your new potential customers through a platform? LinkedIn Sales Navigator is for you. Make successful personalized outreach based on the insights. For example, if you have your target customers in a particular industry, say IT, you can zero down the list of people you should contact, through your connections. This platform helps your sales reps to connect with the right people, which is crucial in sales.

Key Features 

  • CRM Integration
  • Unlimited search results & option to send unlimited connection requests
  • InMails for easy messaging
  • Lead Builder
  • Save as Lead
  1. Calendly – Scheduling Automation Tool

Missed/Delayed sales meetings? Not anymore! Use Calendly to create your personalized calendar and schedule online appointments easily without any meeting overlaps. Calendly helps you organize your meetings better, and faster, by syncing and integrating everything into one platform. This will help your sales reps attend meetings on time and hassle-free.

Key Features

  • Team scheduling
  • Calendar connection, you can connect up to 6 personal as well as professional calendars.
  • Workflows
  • Routing forms
  • Meeting polls
  1. DocuSign – Electronic Signature App

Field sales reps travel to client locations for demo presentations. Other than this, to renew a subscription and get signed in legal documents, you can help them by using the DocuSign app which will save their time and energy. Also, fuel costs will be reduced. Using this app, you can simply send the encrypted documents via email and ask your clients to check and sign in the places required.

Key Features

  • Document creation
  • Data fields
  • Signing workflow
  • Signer authentication
  • Reporting and compliance

Summing Up

The sales productivity of your sales reps can be measured in different ways based on your business. For example, some companies focus on no.of closed deals, some focus on maintaining customer relationships. Hence, different types of sales tracking tools will be used by them as well to measure their sales reps’ performance. Here we have listed out the top 5 different types of sales productivity tools. Each of them serves a unique purpose. In general, all of them have one similarity which is they help sales managers and reps to save their time through automation. By choosing the best one, you are not only hitting the revenue targets easily but also lending a helping hand to your sales reps.


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