Top Toffee Brands In India


Toffees give a great treat to taste buds. They are considered little balls of bliss. There are many toffee brands present in India that produce mouth-watering best candies.

It is also true that people do not eat a lot of toffees in the day, because it affects their teeth and health. But the occasional toffees treatment does not affect our health. Parents also gift the toffees to their kids because they love toffees. In this post, we are going to tell you about the top toffee brands in India.

  1. Pass pass pulse

Pulse toffees are made by the Pass Pass brand in India. It is the best toffee brand in India that give you unique and tangy flavours of toffee. It was manufactured first by DS Group based in Noida in 2015. Later, it was available in unripe mango or kaccha amm flavour.

Now, these toffees are also available in different flavours like pineapple, glue, orange, litchi, etc. The centre of these toffees has filler that is made up of amchur, tangy salt, and other spice.

  1. Parle melody

If we talk about the best toffee brands in India, we can not forget the name parle melody. It gives the perfect delicious taste to people. This Indian candy comes with rich chocolate caramel inside and has a layer of yummy caramel outside. This dual caramel makes this candle perfect for the best taste. One piece of parle melody toffee is cost Rs. 1

  1. Parle mango bite

Mango Bite is a popular toffee brand in India. It is produced by the leading food-produced brand Parle. Another popular product of this toffee brand is the biscuit Parle- g. It is a popular, oldest, best, and most modest toffee brand in India. You can surely enjoy the sweet flavour of juicy mangoes in these toffees.

  1. Parle Kismi

Parle Kismi is the oldest toffee brand in India from 1960. This is the reason why it is a popular and favourite toffee brand among people. These Indian toffees catch people’s attention in amazing purple and white wrapper. This toffee become a good reason to try this unique flavor. It is the best mix of elaichi and caramel flavours. It is produced by Parle, which says a lot about its quality.

  1. Alpenliebe Gold

Alpenliebe candies are produced by the biggest Indian manufacturer, Perfetti Van Melle. It is considered among the top five candy producers all over the world. Alpenliebe become the most recognized brand of toffees in India. They also produce various other products along with toffees. Alpenliebe ice cream is the most popular product in the market.

  1. Ravalgaon Pan Pasand

Pan pasand is the oldest toffee brand in India which is produced by Ravalgaon. It was launched first in India in 1990. It gives the pan flavour to people who eat it, as it is considered the best mouth freshener.

  1. Cadbury Eclairs

Eclairs is the best toffee brand in India. If we talk about candies, the first name among toffee brands that comes to our mind is Cadbury éclairs. Eclairs produce the quality toffees that are known as the popular Dairy Milk Éclair.

This delicious toffee is considered in the list of top coffee brands because it has a sweet chocolaty centre and covers the chewy caramel.

  1. Dabur Hajmola

Hajmola Candy toffee is unique in form and taste to other toffees. All these herbs are tested specifically. All these herbs are combined properly in a sugar base candy named Hajmola. Hajmola has various health benefits that make it the best toffee brand. They are best for the gut. It can cure indigestion, gastric issues, irritable bowel syndrome, and anorexia.

  1. Candyman Toffichoo

Candy is another best toffee name in India that provide you with a wide range of toffees. It launched many toffees that are perfect for people of all ages. You can pick from mango delete, orange josh, cereme lacto, pineapple punch, etc.

Recently, they launched a new toffee flavour named Candyman Condition. They also launched new layered flavoured candies such as Candyman Pineapple and Candyman Mango. They spice up your taste with a sweet and tangy flavour.


So these are the best coffee brands in India that are delicious and cheap. These candies also bring health benefits, especially for kids.

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