Kitty Party Games In India


In India, women frequently assemble for social events known as “kitty parties.” These meetings frequently feature a variety of games, activities, and conversations. Here are 10 excellent possibilities if you’re searching for some fun feline party games to spice up your upcoming get-together:

  1. Tambola

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Tambola, also referred to as Housie: Housie, is a beloved classic game. A host calls out random numbers after participants have purchased tickets containing numbers. The first player to mark all the numbers in a particular pattern calls “Tambola!” or “Housie!” and receives a prize. The participants mark the called numbers on their tickets.

  1. Antakshari

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Players sing songs based on a certain theme or phrase in this musical game. Each participant sings a song in turn, and the subsequent singer must begin the subsequent song with the final letter of the previous song. This goes on until someone is eliminated for failing to think of a song. The winner is who stand in end of game.

  1. Bollywood Quiz

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Take the Bollywood quiz to see how well you know Bollywood films, actors, and songs. The contestants fight to give the right answers while the host poses questions about well-known movies, lines of speech, and actors. They can be split up into teams or compete against one another individually with prizes.

  1. Chocolate wrapper game

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The enjoyable and engaging game of “Chocolate Wrapper” calls for players to supply chocolate bars. Each participant takes a turn rolling the dice; if they land on a six, they can begin removing the chocolate bar’s packaging with the help of gloves, a fork, and a knife. The unwrapping continues until someone rolls a six once more, at which point the next person rolls the dice. The chocolate is kept as a gift for the individual who unwraps it completely.

  1. Pass the parcel

A wrapped gift is passed around a circle of players while music is playing in the traditional game of Pass the Parcel. The person holding the gift removes one layer of wrapping when the music stops. The last layer is played out, and whoever removes it keeps the reward inside.

  1. One minute game

Participants in one-minute games must accomplish fast tasks in a minute. Solving puzzles, stacking cups, balancing money, and threading beads into strings are a few examples of these. The winner is the individual who finishes the assignment in the quickest time or with the highest degree of accuracy.

  1. Paper dance

Couples dance on a piece of paper in this entertaining game. The dance floor is initially large enough for both players to stand comfortably, but after each round, a section of the paper is folded, reducing size. The couple who stays on the paper during the entire game without touching the ground wins.

  1. Memory game

This game puts players’ memory skills to the test. Place a number of objects on a tray, then cover the tray with a cloth. Display the tray for a little period of time—say, one minute—before covering it once more. The goal is for the players to remember or record as many items from the tray as they can. The contestant who correctly identified the most objects wins.

  1. Fashion show

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Hold a little fashion show where participants can display their individuality and sense of style. Put them in groups or let people go up the ramp one at a time. Make sure each round has a theme, such as traditional clothing, western dress, or even a fashion display made out of repurposed materials like newspapers or household objects. Prizes can be given in accordance with the judges’ evaluations of the performances.

  1. Balloon burst

Balloon burst
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Before tying balloons up, fill them with little notes or rewards. Disperse the balloons across the space or fasten them to chairs. The prize or note inside the balloons must be claimed by the participants once they have burst them by sitting on them.


These are only a handful of the games that can be played at an Indian kitty party. To keep the participants involved and enthusiastic throughout the event, remember to adjust the activities to your group’s preferences and have awards ready.

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