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Iñaki Godoy
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Inaki Godoy Jasso is a Mexican actor. Although a famous actor in a Mexican amusement enterprise, Godoy discovered his reputation globally via playing the character of Monkey D. Luffy in Netflix’s currently launched collection, One Piece. For the unversed, the series is primarily based on the manga collection of the equal name, which was created by Eiichiro Oda.

  1. One Piece

One Piece marks Godoy’s debut in English-language television and his second English-language painting after the movie The Imperfects. The tightly knit Straw Hat, Pirates, are on the lookout for the fabled ‘One Piece’ — a treasure that can make their young pirate captain Monkey D. Luffy (Godoy), the ‘King of Pirates.’ On their tail are the Marines and others who want to attain the treasure first.

  1. Sin miedo a los angeles verdad

Iñaki Godoy performs El Chinos inside the TV series, one of the maximum rated TV indicates the movie famous person has been in. He appears in many episodes.

Manu is a hacker who masquerades as Gus to assist sufferers of crimes. He is attempting to find his sister, Estefani (Rubio), whom he had saved from attack years in the past by means of killing her attacker. On the opposite hand, Horacio Escamilla (Martínez), the corrupt police officer brother of the person killed, is searching for revenge.

  1. Blue Demon

Blue Demon changed into Godoy’s second look on the screen. He is visible simplest inside the pilot episode of the series. Huerta, who later became famous internationally for  Namor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022), was praised for his performance across the three seasons of the show.

  1. La querida del Centauro

Godoy says that La querida del Centauro is his first habitual function in a TV series. He turned eleven years old at the time. To protect her daughter, Cristina (Ruiz), a crook named Yolanda Acosta (Paleta) gets near drug lord Benedictino Suárez, aka El Centauro (Zurita). Meanwhile, Detective Gerardo Duarte (Brown) attempts to apply her to take down El Centauro. However, the drug lord is going after Yolanda, Gerardo, Cristina, and the detective’s followed son, Amadeo ‘El Gato’ (Godoy).

  1. No Abras La Puerta

No Abras La Puerta is a supernatural horror. It was released only a month after Godoy’s MexZombies. Commenting about the two films on his reputable website, he stated that he feels grateful for being capable of doing all varieties of genres in his career up till that point. There were very hard days, and the duty of being a lead started out to hit me,” he stated.

  1. The Imperfects

This display marks Godoy’s English-language debut. It was filmed in Canada whilst he was 17 years old. However, The Imperfects, which premiered on Netflix, was canceled after the primary season. Abbi (Jagpal), Juan (Godoy), and Tilda (Campbell) are 3 youths in their 20s who become monsters after an experimental gene therapy goes wrong. The trio band together to discover Dr. Alex Sarkov (Nicholson), the scientist responsible for their condition, and make him change them into human beings once more. They are helped by using any other scientist named Dr. Sydney Burke (Ricci), who has secrets of her personal.

  1. MexZombies

This assignment showcases his versatility as he navigates the sector of the undead in a unique and captivating storyline.


Iñaki Godoy is a talented actor recognized for his appearances in films and TV shows. Born in an undisclosed location, he started his career at a young age and quickly won recognition for his awesome skills and versatility. Godoy has showcased his skills in a whole lot of genres, displaying his potential to portray numerous characters with authenticity. With a robust on-display screen presence and charming performances, he has ended up a sought-after actor inside the enterprise. Godoy has appeared in numerous TV indicates, captivating audiences together with his air of secrecy and skillful appearing.

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