Tiny Texie: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth

Tiny Texie
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Tiny Texie is a popular social media personality and dancer who was born on 25 January 1992. She is also a famous TikTok star from the US. She is an excellent dance performer. As a popular dancer or tiktoker, she has a huge fan following. She is well known among people because of his work in WETV Extreme Love. Her dancing and singing skills reached great heights and gained popularity. In this post, we are going to tell you about Tiny Texie’s bio, age, education, weight, height, net worth, and many more.

Who is Tiny Texie

Tiny Texie is an American dancer, social media star, influencer, and tikto star. She was born in Texas on 25 January 1992. The height of tiny Texie is estimated at around 3 feet 6 inches. She suffers from Kenny affect syndrome, due to which she appears like a child. In TV reality, Texie was considered an expert in extreme love on WETV. Due to her height, she became popular day by day. Currently, the tiny ranks are at the top among the dancers in the world. Her humor sense is become a big draw for followers and makes her a good comedian.

Bio of Tiny Texie

Tiny Texie wiki
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Tiny Texie was born in Texas, United States. She has mixed ethnicity. The 25 January 1992 is the birthdate of Texie. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Her occupations consist of dancer, model, and social media influencer. She was born and grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, US. People pay attention to tiny Texie due to their petite height. She also made the cover of an entertainment magazine published in Florida. Her confidence and attitude earned her a huge reputation. She came as the Harley Quinn for Halloween. A former dancer and model, Tiny has huge talent.

On their Instagram account, it is determined that she has one kid, a daughter, but the father of the child has not revealed it. Her career as a social media sensation and dancer broke into spotlights after competing in pageants in 2015. Many fans said that she would make a great comedian because of her great humor sense

Family of Tiny Texie

Tiny Texie belongs to a Christian American family, as per online available sources. She was grown in Texas. She has two brothers. The names of her parents and siblings are not known on the internet.

Boyfriend of Tiny Texie

The woman, Tiny Texie, is bisexual. A romantic relationship exists between Anastasia and her. MakeupMakeup artists and photographers serve in the fashion industry. Both of them faced criticism because of the differences in relationship and size.

Education of Tiny Texie

During their education, she attended local schools in her hometown. Unfortunately, she does not reveal much more about higher education. Among the achievements of her well-educated status

Social media of Tiny Texie

Texie is a popular Instagram star who climbed the Instagram ranks in a short time for a nice appearance. She uploads bold Instagram pictures regularly that are loved by her fans. Her appearance is famous among fans and attracts people. She became popular because of her videos on the social media platform called TikTok. You can directly access her social media account, which is active online.

The career of Tiny Texie

The tiny texie is 3 feet 6 inches and is known as the smallest world dancer. Her TV career began as a WETV extreme e-love reality star. Recently, the entertainment magazine featured Tiny on the cover. She dressed like Harley Quinn for the 2019 Halloween event. The Tiny texie previous work consists of modeling and acting. She became a dancer and social media star in 2015 after comparing pageants. All over the world, Tiny Texie made huge fans in a million in less time.

Net worth of Tiny Texie

The net worth of Tiny Texie is $500,000. She paid well as a dancer, entertainer, advertiser, and sponsorship performer. The majority of their wealth stems from Sosicla’s media popularity and her work as an adult entertainer and dancer.

Facts you should know about Tiny Texie

  • The height of tiny is 3 feet 6 inches. She is a well-known tiktoker and dancer.
  • She was born on 25 January 1992 in Texas
  • The family members do not seem authentic and relevant on the internet
  • The biggest break came on extreme love of WETV
  • One of the most famous entertainment magazines in Florida features a tiny on-cover

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