These Females Are Dominating the Indie Music Industry

Image Source: Yan Krukau via Pexels

Women in music are having a moment right now, not just at the top of the charts. Sure, giants like SZA, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce dominate the billboard charts and concert sales, but indie women are crushing it, too.

Let’s check out a few of the females dominating the indie music scene at the moment.

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Lila Drew

The UK-born, LA-raised singer-songwriter Lila Drew is wowing fans across genres. Like many indie musicians, her art defies easy categorization and tends to live in the in-between places in the cracks.

This general description of her sound aligns with Drew’s own description of herself: “I am a pop cynic who makes pop music.” Drew writes fun, bouncy songs that are deceptively introspective. It belongs on any good vibes playlist because, on the surface, it’s light and alluring.

You can keep listening to it on and hear the thoughtful, bold lyrics declaiming what it’s like to navigate modern relationships and explore love as a young person today. Her album All the Places I Could Be is a joyful but serious look at what life is and how it feels.


Mitski, whose real name is Mitsuki Miyawaki, has been tearing up the indie scene for over a decade but hasn’t slowed down. From her 2012 release Lush to her latest album in 2023, The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We, she’s really struck a chord with her growing audience.

Mitski’s voice is at one time powerful and gentle, soothing and strong. Her sound is luscious, and her lyrics are philosophical and loving. The instrumentation can be spare yet somehow also bold, especially on songs like “Bug Like an Angel,” which uses the human voice in the form of a choir as an instrument.

After all her commercial and popular success to date, don’t count on Mitski to stop dominating the music industry any time soon.


Kelela Mizanekristos, who goes professionally by the name Kelela, has graced fans with her first album after a 5-year hiatus, and it was more than worth the wait. After a 2013 mixtape, a 2015 EP, and a full solo studio album in 2017, Kelela has only grown as an artist.

Songs and music videos like the one for “On the Run” are a feast for the ears and eyes, with sweet, thoughtful sounds overtop the striking and sexy visuals. The music itself leaves space which Kelela’s sultry soprano voice more than fills, while a dark, smoky backdrop is overlaid with cool lighting and Kelala appearing strong and confident.

Indie here may overlap with modern R&B, but one of the best things about the indie genre is its flexibility and willingness to take risks. Hopefully, Kelela won’t wait so long before releasing her next album!

Whether you’re watching the Grammy Awards early this month or searching for all the hottest indie trends, women in music are dominating everywhere. This historical gender imbalance isfinally starting to get corrected, and music fans everywhere are the winners.

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