10 Summer Season Vegetables To Grow In India


Scorching heat waves, Rising temperature, and feeling more thirsty as compared to earlier indicates that summers are about to arrive. This is also a time to get vegetables for the summer season into the ground.

There are lots of vegetables which you can grow in the summer season only. As summer days are long compared to winter and all-day sunshine, what else do you need to grow vegetables during this time?

Know how to choose vegetables for summer? You may want to know which vegetable you need to grow on your farm. Some vegetable needs cooler temperature, but some need good summer.

So have a look at the types of vegetables that you can grow in the summer season:

  • Cucumber:


The first summer which should be your pick in this summer season is cucumber. The cucumber is a vegetable of summer. You need some cucumber seeds, warm soil, and only 50 days for a full cucumber. The seeds of cucumber can be seeded directly in the warm soil ground. The cucumber is a popular vegetable in summer because it contains 96% of water content and is one of the best hydrating options in summer.

  • Sweet Corn:

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is on the second number. Sweetcorn can handle hot and dry weather, so people love growing this vegetable in summer. For proper pollination, this vegetable needs the proper amount of space.

  • Pumpkin:


Pumpkins grow well in the summer season. To grow pumpkins, you need lots of space according to the size. The size of the pumpkin may vary from 5 kg to 40 kg, so you need lots of space to grow this amazing summer vegetable.

  • Peppers:


Peppers are our next candidate for the summer season vegetable. This is one of the easiest vegetables to grow in this hot summer. They need only bright sunshine, fertile soil, and water, and that’s it.

  • Beans:


Beans are always on the list of summer vegetables, not only the list but the top most vegetables that can easily grow in the summer. This is one of the most common beans which is consumed across India. These beans are small, have pointed ends, and are tender. This vegetable helps boost your immune system and is a good source of fiber, Vitamins C, B1, and B2. They are a great source of protein as well.

  • Tomato:


The demand for this amazing vegetable is very high every season. The plant tomato loves the sunshine and clear sky, so you will get tasty and yummy tomatoes that properly shine. Proper 5 -6 hours of direct sunlight and rich soil are required to grow this vegetable. For tomatoes, you need to add rich soil and fertilizer for fruitful tomatoes.

  • Brinjal:


Some call it brinjal; some call this vegetable an eggplant. This amazing vegetable is full of antioxidants. You will easily identify the fine-quality brinjal as they have tight and smooth skin. It contains a loaded amount of vitamins and minerals. They come in primarily black and purple colors. This is the best time when you can grow brinjals. The brinjals grow very well in this humid summer season. They need lots of water, rich soil, and sun to grow well.

  • Beetroot:


The beetroot seeds should be sown in the early summers, as this vegetable requires a cooler soil temperature than other vegetables. The beetroot requires plenty of water to grow.

  • Onion:


onion has amazing and miraculous anti-aging properties. This vegetable is best for everyone, from kids to old age. This is the best time for growing onions. It is good to plant them indoors in the summer and outside when the spring is over.

  • Carrot:


Carrots are also the most demanding vegetable in the summer. This is the most grown vegetable this summer. Keep them weeded in the soil and never let them dry.

The time of harvesting is very important so it is suggested that you should harvest each and every crop according to the time of that crop, by which your crop will remain fresh for more time.

Final words

Make your garden happy with such amazing vegetables mentioned above. The summer vegetables require one hour of water weekly because they are heat tolerant.

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