PCNOK (Patient Care Network) – able to offer all type of solution


Pcnok (Patient Care Network), in the field of digital health, represents a fundamental solution to support the elderly and chronically ill both in the field of health, care and rehabilitation. capacity and support the aging process of the population.

With social distancing, emergency mobility restrictions, and consequential increases in illnesses associated with sedentary lifestyles, there is a general need for online solutions. for remote monitoring of fragile objects is still being felt more.

What is a Patient Care Network?

Patient Care Network is a technology solution that allows remote monitoring of the patient’s health status at home through networked devices and systems to share detected clinical parameters.   It is intended for medical professionals caring for hospitalized or chronically ill patients, usually elderly people, who require long-term treatment and therefore must be monitored over time.

Parameters detected by the patient completely autonomously, for example via a mobile device, are automatically transmitted to the operations center and shared with the healthcare team in real time, for Continuous monitoring of disease progression.

Telephone monitoring, continuous and proactive, helps check the appropriateness of therapy and the correct administration of the medication. In case of abnormality in parameters, the system will automatically alert so that nursing staff can intervene quickly and provide appropriate treatment.

Advantages and benefits of PCNOK

For the patient:

Patients feel safe and cared for at home. Thanks to connected care, he is stimulated to follow therapy and adopt the right lifestyle. In addition, he is more autonomous in managing his condition.

For family members

Family members and carers can count on healthcare professionals to continuously monitor the health of their loved ones, making sure that any abnormalities or abnormalities are quickly detected and treated.

For healthcare professionals

Parameter monitoring at home allows medical staff to operate as intelligently as from a hospital operating center and monitor more patients simultaneously.

For the SSN

Patient care networks reduce access to emergencies and overload structures. Plus, it allows you to reserve home access for those who really need it. With remote assistance, it becomes easier to prevent the spread of contagion among healthcare professionals, patients, and family members.

For the environment

Moving data (not patients or doctors) reduces traffic and CO2 emissions.

Multi-channel Patient Care: the Health at the Home platform

The I-Tel Home Telemedicine Solution makes it possible for you to manage, coordinate and set up a set of digital services for prevention, telemedicine, and patient care.

From TVs and integrations with wearable devices to chatbots and apps, it simplifies the management of family support services to treat (and support) the elderly, chronically ill, and frail elderly.

Home Health, a single multi-channel platform for:

  • assisting healthcare workers in defining care plans
  • interacting with patients on several channels (video call, SMS, phone, Chabot, app, e-mail)
  • managing monitoring activity centers

Patient Care Network solutions to support older adults  Directly linked with families and their healthcare network, the Patient Care Network can also be a powerful support tool that can value for the elderly.   Elderly people often live alone, suffer from chronic diseases and are limited in daily activities.

The interconnection between smart objects and multi-channel communication (via app, chatbot, SMS, video calls) ensures their monitoring and facilitates communication, with quick alert in case of a fall. or unpleasant circumstances.

Among the useful technologies to ensure the safety of the elderly in managing their daily lives, a solution specifically designed to assist fragile people in the event of a fall or sudden illness.

pcnok allows you to send emergency calls and messages to contacts previously entered into the application’s address book. In the event of a fall, the Life Button automatically sends emergency messages to the safety net. The coordinates of the destination are sent in an SOS message to ensure a quick response.

Patient Care Network and innovation to take care of people

Thanks to technological innovation and solutions that address security, health and daily life management of people remotely, the chronically ill and the elderly benefit from continuous monitoring, fully respect their autonomy and the organization of the whole family. To provide such support, you need easy, reliable, and secure connections.