The Benefits of a Parking Management System

Parking Management System

Every business owner wants to see their organization grow. However, this growth can also come with challenges. For example, parking may be a logistical nightmare over time. When the parking situation isn’t handled properly, employees become frustrated. They may choose to look elsewhere for a job, leading to the loss of top talent. Avoid this by investing in smart technology. What benefits come with a parking management system?

Save Time

A parking management system such as AutoVu eliminates long queues and manual registration. Workers will spend less time searching for a parking space and workers will no longer be needed to oversee the lot manually. Automatic license plate recognition technology allows for quicker entry and exit for vehicles. With this technology, workers can receive reminders when their passes are expiring, payments can be contactless, and more.

Scale as Needed

A company may have seasonal workers. Accommodating these workers in parking facilities can be challenging. An automated system simplifies this task thanks to the plug-and-play feature. The business owner doesn’t need to be present, as the system can be scaled remotely.

Increased Safety

Any traffic jam in a parking garage increases the risk of an accident. A parking management system reduces this risk. The system detects congestion within the garage and assigns each driver a parking space. Real-time surveillance allows problems to be caught early before they reach the level of congestion. In addition, the system helps identify missing cars and will alert the appropriate parties when a car that is not authorized to use the facility tries to enter. This feature increases the safety of everyone using the garage.

Additional Flexibility

A system of this type increases flexibility. Adjust the system to meet current requirements and preferences. These features can be changed as needed, including policies, rules, rates, and more.

Reduced Staff

Employers will no longer need to use staff to monitor the garage. These workers may be moved to another position that will benefit customers or clients. Systems of this type are able to do everything humans do, including detecting potential threats and alerting the appropriate parties. Humans can be used to handle tasks only they are capable of.

Integrate with Other Systems

Compare systems to find one that integrates with existing systems and applications. Every business can customize the system to meet its needs. For example, the system can integrate with a payment system to make it easy to collect or process payments.

Visitor management

Certain people may visit a facility regularly. Business owners worry that this could create issues within the parking garage. An advanced parking management system has measures in place to address situations such as these. For example, the system might provide a frequent visitor with a unique code. This code allows them to make use of the garage without the need to contact someone each time they come. The system allows the owner to dictate how often the visitor can use the facility to increase security for all.

Overtake the Competition

Parking garage owners find they can stay ahead of the competition by investing in parking management technology. Manufacturers constantly improve their technology, so owners never need to worry that they will fall behind. Customers love the improved experience and will visit the garage in the future if they have an option.

Reduced Risk of Theft or Vandalism

Parking garages often remain unoccupied by humans for a large part of the day. Workers may only enter the garage when they arrive at work and leave. Vandalism and theft remain concerns of parking garage owners because of this. It is difficult for them to have eyes on every part of the garage at all times. A parking management system helps alleviate these concerns.

When suspicious activity is detected, the system sends an automatic alert. In addition, it records license plate numbers for every vehicle entering and exiting the garage. Law enforcement can use this information to narrow the pool of suspects when investigating a crime that occurred in the garage.

Payment Options

A garage owner can offer various payment options when using a parking management system. Many people prefer contactless options today, and customers prefer having choices, including mobile wallets. These options make it easy for people to move through quickly.

Money Savings

Companies find they don’t require as many security officers when they invest in a parking management system. The system tracks the cars coming in, so humans don’t have to. Paperwork decreases and more time can be spent on other activities beneficial to the business.

Easy to Install

Business owners find installing a parking management system doesn’t take much time or effort. Once it is in place, it can be used immediately. In addition, installing the system doesn’t lead to any disruptions in the parking facility. Most systems have applications that will connect with existing infrastructure.

Customer Convenience

Customers love parking automation. It simplifies their lives in countless ways. As a result, the company sees a boost in customer loyalty, which is always beneficial.

Reporting and Analytics

Users love the reporting and analytics features that come with this software. For example, the business owner can learn how many cars enter and leave the lot on different days. They can determine how long the average car stays in the lot or look up statistical data on spaces. Reports may be generated as needed, or the owner could request a real-time update.

Every garage owner should look into automating their parking garage. Doing so boosts security in the facility while making things more efficient. The benefits mentioned above are only a few of the many seen when this technology is implemented. Owners love that they see these benefits with no manual intervention on their part. This is only less task they have to worry about, allowing them to focus on other elements that will grow their organizations.

Learn more today about parking automation to see if it is right for your organization. Many owners find it is. However, this cannot be determined until a person fully understands what the technology is capable of. Once they learn this information, the benefits are easy to see.

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