Nefarious (Film) Showtimes

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People prefer to watch the new movies on the latest release. Many streaming platforms are available online that allow people to watch their favourite latest movies. One of the thriller movies people want to watch is Nefarious. Nefarious is a simple movie about the theological and psychological debate between the condemned mass murderers. This post will tell you about the Nefarious movie, showtime, cast, and crew.

About Nefarious movie

The Nefarious movie is a thriller horror movie that focuses on a serial convicted killer who claims to possess a demon when paranormal and strange events occur on the premises of a prison. The movie sector is experiencing the modern remarkable pictures with CGI spectacular and adrenaline-filled action scenes. This movie gives mind-blowing concepts to people.

Release date of Nefarious movie

The nefarious movie has a limited release on Friday 2023, 14 April, 2023. There are 19 movies also released on that date, including The Renfield, the pope exorcist, and The Mafia Mamma. As a limited release, the Nefarious movie will also appear in some theatres across the main markets.

Plot summary of Nefarious movie

Following the suicide of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Fischer, a confident and young Dr. James Martin was assigned to determine the death row inmate Edward Wayne Brady at the facility prison. The resemblance of Edward’s name to John Wayne’s Gracy, The killer clown, appears intentional and suggests the intention of the creators to portray Edward as a Gracy reincarnation. He faces the challenging task of psychological Edward assessment to evaluate the mental fitness or insanity

in spite of the involvement of Edward in six murders, and there are some indications in patterns that increase the sanity suspicions. Although the warden dismissed the requirements for psychiatric evaluation earlier, and committed to fulfilling his responsibility and entered an area where Edward was limited to the table.

During this interaction, Edward describes the two important parts of information to James. Firstly, it was claimed by him that he possessed Edward’s body, and he predicted that James would kill three people before that night. James dismisses Edward’s delusions about a creature from the underworld, known as nefarious, in terms of their frantic reaction to the priest.

How to stream Nefarious movie online

Currently, the Nefarious movie is not available for streaming on the online platform, that currently no way to stream online for free. People are waiting for its streaming on online platforms. Ensure not to use the illegal way to get access to Nefarious movie content.

However, keep in mind that this horror American movie was released on 14 April 2023. The movie was directed and written by Cary Soloman and Chuck Konzelman and hit theatres. It sent the chill down to moviegoers’ spines. This movie is based on Steve Deace’s novel 2016, a nefarious plot, and features a gripping premise that persuades the audience to come to theatres and watch this movie. This movie centres the James Bartin, who plays the serial killer on death row.

The cast of Nefarious movie

The Nefarious movie was directed by Cary and Soloman and Chuck Konzelam. They also wrote this movie. This movie stars the following characters.

  • Doctor James Martin (Jordan Belfi)
  • Nefarious (Sean Patrick Flanery)
  • Gate guard ( James Healy Jr)
  • Warden Moss ( Tom Ohmer)
  • Trustee styles ( Cameron Arnett)
  • Eric Hanson ( Warden assistant Anderson)
  • Detective russo ( Stelio Savante)
  • Doctor Stewart ( Robert Peters)
  • Officer Wilson ( Jarret LeMaster)
  • Corporal Mendez ( Sarah Hernandez)
  • Prison Guard ( John Cann)
  • Sergeant Wilborn (Grifon Aldren )
  • Renee (Tina Toner)
  • Glenn Beck Show Producer (Cedric St. Clair)
  • Doctor Fischer (Mark De Alessandro)
  • Melanie Carter (Maura Corsini)
  • Father Louis (Daniel Martin Berkey)
  • Officer Campbell (Jeremy Miller)
  • Officer Grady ( Darrin Merlino)
  • Prison Guard (Ethan Millard)


The narrative of the nefarious movie follows the serial convicted killer called Nefarious. At the time of psychiatric evaluation, he claims that his body is possessed by a scheduled day or demon. Moreover, the demon of the nefarious movie threatens the authorities that they have some time on their hands and make the psychiatrist kill three people.

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