What Is The Meaning Of The Tamil Word ‘Arulmigu’?


The Tamil word, Arulmigu, is the honorific or title used in South India to refer to a deity or Hindu temple. It is a mixture of two words: Arul, which means blessings or grace, and “migu,” which means full or abundant. Together, the “Arulmigu” is translated to mean “ the one who is complete of grace” or the ” one who has a lot of blessings”. It is used as a prefix to the name of a temple or Hindu deity, like “ arulmigu Murugan” or “ Arulmigu meenakshi Amman temple”. In this post, we will tell you the meaning of “Arulmigu,” a Tamil word.

What does arulmigu stand for

The meaning of the Tamil word, arulmigu stands for curiosity, creativity, friendliness, charm, social life and cheer. Your overflowing energy helps you to make the strong willpower that complements your talent. It makes you ready to take risks and make hard efforts. When required arulmigu, it makes you create strong value from less. This helps you to achieve many more in your life by giving you abundant blessings.

Arulmigu Tamil word, ensures that you get enough peace and make balance in your life. You gain interest in your work by this word. This is why this word is used as a prefix before the same name. It gives you the courage to do some wealthy activities. Once you set beliefs, they motivate you and give you great strength.

2nd Arulmigu

Tamil’s word “ Arul” indicates empathy, kindness, and benevolence. In this way, the “ arul” word is interpreted the “grace”. Migu mean abundant or lot, and in this way, it is translated as “ infinite”. However, “ Arulmigu” indicates a person with “infinite grace”. In Tamil languages, all temples are of the Hindu gods and goddesses, like Murugan, Pillaiyar, Siva, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Parvathi, Saraswati, and others. So, the word “ Arulmigu” is a prefix before the names. It is because the people believed their deities bestow the infinite grace upon devotees.

Arulmigu Manneaswarar temple

The Arulmigu Manneaswarar temple is located in annur, Tamil Nadu. It is an ancient Hindu temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The name of this temple is derived from the president deity, also called the manneaswarar or annewsarar. As per local legends, Lord Shiva blessed the tribal leader, Annie, who was forgiven by a deity, resulting in two proposed etymologies of the temple’s name.

The temple is a masterpiece of Dravidian architecture, by Chola style and features the west face of Mannneaswarar deity, Arundavaselvi, Parvati consort, at Amman Sannithi. Other deities like thirugnyansambhandar, maanikavasakar, Murugan, Anjanaeya, and the snake seven-headed statue are also located in this temple.


The Arulmigu Manneaswarar temple boasts 41 inscriptions from several rules, including Hoysala king Vira Vallalan in the 15th century. The maha Shivaratri and car festival are the two main festivals celebrated at the temple. This temple is open from 6 am morning to 1 pm and 4:30 pm evening to 8:30 pm night.

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