DIG Full Form – Deputy Inspector General


Maintaining peace in a nation is one of the most responsible and crucial tasks! Police are stationed in even small regions of the nation to maintain peace and enforce the law. A constitution of a country with democracy thrives when police fulfill their duties faithfully.

The public to have a safe environment police ensure that all the entities are performing according to the law. Police officers serve the public with complete honesty, courage, commitment and an eager sense of serving justice. They abide by human rights and laws protecting every citizen.

A hierarchy exists in police departments with different ranks serving different purposes. From Attorney General to DGP, IG, DIG ranks are divided in order to maintain the flow of power. So Let’s know about one of those ranks DIG also known as Deputy Inspector General:  

Introducing DIG

Deputy Inspector Generals DIG are junior to Inspector General just one rank below. In Indian Police departments higher ranks such as DIG, IG and DGP are given to remarkably qualified citizens eager to serve the public. DIG is the 4th rank in a Police department of a state given to IPS officers who have previously been serving as either a Senior Superintendent or Deputy Commissioner.

The Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General work closely to serve the public. A DIG commands all the other junior posts such as Senior Superintendent, Deputy Commissioner and more. 

Duties Of A Deputy Inspector General

A DIG’s duties involve speaking on behalf of the Inspector General in the District Magistrate. By working alongside IG a DIG resolves matters given to him and ultimately reports to IG for the final resolution of any matter. They ensure that the investigation under their supervision is conducted thoroughly following all the protocols. 

Further they manage multiple police departments and oversee their performance along with addressing concerning issues. With managing DIG has the duty to oversee the progress of issues related to wrongdoings and other concerts. 

Multiple other duties fall under their work such as implementing policies for efficiency in the police department, representing the department in meetings, events etc., managing critical situations by quick response and much more.  Most of all the Deputy Inspector General ensures transparency in their work with accountability, professionalism, integrity and commitment to maintain public trust.

Perks Of Being A Deputy Inspector General 

The Job of DIG is solely to serve justice to the public it requires a lot of effort, experience and knowledge. However, the efforts of DIG are well rewarded with a lifetime pension, an official vehicle with a driver, a home, free electricity along with medical treatments, telephone connections and much more. 

With a salary ranging from 37,000  to 67,000 rupees, DIG also gets security guards, an increment and paid holidays. 


A Deputy Inspector General (DIG) plays and prestigious role in serving the public for a particular reason with a law-regulated environment. By qualifying for one of the toughest exams UPSC and serving as an IPS officer rank of DIG can be attained with a lot of perks.

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