Macbook 12in m7 – Review

Macbook 12in m7 - Review

There are a lot of techies who like to use the latest laptops and PCs for fun and even for their work. But finding the best among them all is a very difficult task because of the things that each of the gadgets offers to people. When we talk about the latest laptops and PCs, we look for ram and storage that makes it fast and you can easily run a lot of different types of software and applications on it very smoothly and also without any tension of storage.

The Apple industry is one of the leading manufacturers of laptops known as Macbooks which gives tough competition to all its competitors. But the thing that makes it different from all the others is the price at which you can buy a MacBook because it is somewhat a little out of budget for a middle-class person. Talking about the price, the price is charged according to the performance of the device and the applications that can be used in the device.

What is Apple’s Macbook 12in m7?

If you are a tech enthusiast you would have definitely heard about this series which was introduced in the year 2016 and is still giving tough competition in the market. The MacBook 12in m7 has a great 1.3GHz Intel Core m7 processor which is accompanied by 8 Gb of ram. You can not ignore the screen of this Macbook because this also adds additional value if you buy this product. The storage may vary and it depends on the variant that you are buying you can also extend the storage depending upon your usage.

Why is the Macbook 12in m7 a tough competition for other laptops?

There are a lot of advantages that this Macbook has and this helps it to still be a part of this tough race of technology. Let us see the features of the Macbook 12in m7.

  • Battery backup: Starting with the most important thing in today’s time where you do not get any time to charge your laptops or gadgets because of the busy schedule that everyone has. This device is capable of staying awake with you for 10 hours when it is completely charged and this is something very good about it because other laptops do not give such battery backup and shut down before you use them for long hours. This beauty will not leave your work undone and you can easily charge it.
  • The processor: It comes up with a great Intel core m7 processor and 8 Gb of ram that makes it fast and capable of handling many tasks at the same time. Today’s world demands to multitask and you can easily run different types of software in it without any hesitation. The processor makes the processing of data very fast and it feels very smooth when you use the Macbook.
  • Image and Video Processing: Laptops are very important for people who are in the video editing industry or even do it for fun sake because they use high-end software like adobe premiere pro or final cut pro for IOS. The video processing quality should be good if you have to get the best video and also save your time while editing any kind of video. The processor makes it very fast to process the video and render it completely and on time. Even the software that you use for editing the videos runs very smoothly without any lag or overheating the Macbook. Talking about the photos, you can use plenty of editing software for it and the result will always be fantastic because of the quality that it provides.
  • Screen: After the processor, the screen is the most important part of the laptop and here you are getting an IPS display that will give you the best possible clarity and quality from all angles. You need not have to worry about the perfect angle when you watch a video or a movie.
  • Responsive touch and keys: The touchpad of the Macbook is one of the finest touch pads that you will ever come across because it is very responsive and you need not have to keep tapping on it to do your work. Even though the keys are very responsive, when you press them even gently you can see them working.