Learn How To Earn Money By Playing Tash Game

Tash Game

People who live in India must have heard about the tash game.  It is one of the most commonly used terms for games that involve playing cards. In simple words, tash game is a Hindi term used for different variants of card games. We have always heard stories of kings and emperors playing this popular tash game so we can say that the tash game is not new in India. However, in recent times, popular tash games have shifted to online platforms where players enjoy them and also win real cash for their victory. Tash games are always based on skills and a little bit of luck. It is important to learn all the terms and rules related to the game so that you won’t mess things up while playing. 

Let us understand how you can earn money by playing tash games online! 

What is tash game?

A Tash game is a type of table game played between more than one player. There are a total of 52 cards in one deck. This multiplayer game is played with the playing cards where each player has to deal with cards according to the rules of that particular variant of tash game they are playing. Very few people know that the origin of tash games was in ancient China during the 9th century. The online version of this popular game is also gaining a lot of popularity among people. 

Types of tash game

There are some of the tash games that you can enjoy playing and win cash prizes alongside. 

Satte pe Satta

We have always heard about this variant of tash game where every player gets their cards and the one who has got 7 hearts has to start the game. The player who is next can play with either 6 or 8 of the hearts. To win in this particular game, players must focus on how to get rid of their cards as soon as possible. The one who finishes all his cards is declared a winner. 


A rummy game is a multiplayer game where 2 to 6 players can play at a time. In a rummy game, each player is dealt 13 cards from two decks of playing cards. Players have to form sequences and sets to win in rummy games. They have to discard and pick cards from two piles of cards out of which one is opened and another one is hidden. The player who completes his sequences first can declare himself the winner. 


You all can guess the game and its rules just by reading its name. Bluff is a popular tash game where each player is dealt an equal number of cards from the deck excluding the joker. Now each player has to discard their card by facing it down so that no one can see it. Twist it they must tell what card they are discarding and other people have to guess whether that person is telling the truth or trying to bluff them. If the other person caught you bluffing by pointing you out then you have to pick all the discarded cards of that particular round. If they falsely accuse you then they have to pick the discarded cards. Whosoever finishes his cards first is declared a winner. 


Poker is quite similar to rummy. The main objective of poker is to create a combination of high-value cards. Poker is all about understanding your opponent’s moves and their combination of cards and accordingly, you can plan your bet and invest in the pot to stay in the game. 

Tash game for cash prizes 

Yes, you read it right! You can earn real cash prizes just by playing cash games online. It is one of the most popular games after the pandemic which is still growing day by day.  Here are some of the tips you can try if you also wish to win the maximum number of cash prizes. 

  • Always choose a trusted and safe platform while playing for real cash. Do proper research and then select one app that is not illegal or a fraud that might ruin your hard-earned money by fooling you. 
  • Try different variants of the game so that you can learn many games and your chances of winning cash prizes will also increase. 
  • Participate in tournaments and practice before you compete against real players so that you can be more confident with your strategies while competing for real cash. 

One such platform where you can enjoy classic card games and win cash prizes is GetMega. It is one of the trusted as well as popular apps for playing cash games like Rummy and Poker. You can also transfer your winning amount directly to your bank account via UPI. So install GetMega on your smartphone and start earning cash prizes daily!

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