JoinPD – What is Join Pear Deck Session 2022


The covid19 pandemic has changed the education system to a large extent. It moved from a traditional model to an online and remote model. During the lockdown, when education was forced to be conducted online, entrepreneurs came up with a lot of innovations to make learning fun, engaging, interactive, and more accessible online. Join Pear Deck (JoinPD) is one such innovation that was established during the pandemic.

About Pear Deck

Pear deck is a type of online classroom where teachers can teach and students can learn. It helps teachers to present their subjects in a visually appealing manner. It allows teachers to pay individual attention to each and every student in the classroom.

Pear deck is somehow similar to google slides where the teachers can create slides and teach through presentations. But unlike google slides, Pear Deck is created especially for learning purposes. It makes learning more fun and interactive.

JoinPD is a subdomain of Pear Deck. One can access it by creating a Pear Deck account. It is used for making presentations that can be shared with others easily. JoinPD became very popular during the pandemic and remained so to date. It is used in various educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, and coaching centers, which opt for online teaching.

JoinPD helps in conducting live online classes. It provides an interactive classroom environment where students can ask and answer questions with ease. Apart from education, it can be used for creating presentations for business purposes as well. This software is free to use. It can be downloaded online and installed on your device.

How to use JoinPD?

JoinPD has made the job a lot easier for teachers. It was quite a challenge to teach online and maintain the attention of the students. But JoinPD solved this problem for the teachers. It allows the teachers to make a slideshow presentation and create a real classroom-like environment in the online space. JoinPD has a lot of features to make the presentation engaging, attractive, and interactive. This platform also allows the teachers to mark the attendance of the students.

The teachers can make a presentation on this platform and share it with the students. The presentation can be shared with the students in two ways:

  • The teacher can send a unique 5-digit code to the students using which they can access the presentation


  • The teacher can share a joining link with the students through which they can join the presentation.

JoinPD made online learning fun and interesting for students during the pandemic. This platform makes it easier for the students to interact with their teachers and participate in question-and-answer sessions during a lecture. The students can join a presentation either through a 5-digit code or a joining link shared by their teacher.

The students can join the JoinPD presentation using their email addresses or anonymously. Both options are available on this platform. It is up to the teacher to select either of the options for the students. While joining without their email id, the students can join using their real name or a nickname of their choice.

However, it is mandatory for both the students and the teachers to have a Pear Deck account in order to access it. The teachers need to log in to their accounts to create a presentation and share it with the students whereas the students need to log into their accounts to join the session they are invited to.

Features of JoinPD

The main feature of this platform is that it brings teachers and students to the same place in a remote environment. It is a product of advanced digital technology and a modern education system.

JoinPD can be accessed through browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It will not work in any other browser. Both the teacher and the student should have access to either of these three browsers.

Pear Deck is also very safe to use. It protects the data and personal information of the users. While transforming information, Pear Deck encodes it and if there is any leak of information, the user is notified immediately.

JoinPD also contains a lot of activities for the students. It helps the teachers to take assessments smoothly. The use of technology in assessments results in a faster evaluation and prevents errors in the evaluation process.

JoinPD has two types of accounts – the teacher’s account and the student’s account. Both accounts are different with different characteristics. Here, teachers can control what the students can or cannot do in the presentation.

Functions of

The main function of JoinPD is to help create slideshow presentations, but it also serves a lot of additional functions which are as follows:

  • Create an online learning environment that is fun, interesting, interactive, and engaging
  • It helps the teachers to take attendance with ease and monitor each student and give individual attention to everyone.
  • It has features to make teaching easier and more creative. It makes learning easy to absorb and remember.
  • It gives the creator/teacher the freedom to choose who he wants to share his presentation with. The students can be invited to the session by sharing a code or a link.
  • It makes virtual learning simpler, easier, and more convenient.


During the Covid19 pandemic when all the educational institutions were shut down, platforms such as Pear Deck came to our rescue. Because of such platforms, students around the world were able to continue their education from the comfort of their homes.

The convenience and excellent features of Pear Deck have made it very popular worldwide. It continued to be relevant even after the pandemic ended. It has reduced the workload of the teachers. The students like using it because of its activities and interactive features.

It is very easy to download and use JoinPD. In the near future, it will play a big role in the journey of transforming to a modern and technology-driven education system.

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