Companies That Offer Insurance For Gadgets Like DSLR At Economical Price

DSLR At Economical Price

When you consider all the hazards involved in moving and operating the cameras, having

DSLR insurance gives you the peace of mind you need to continue doing what you do best, which is photography.

Under the Portable Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy, almost all Indian insurance firms, including Bharti AXA, SBI General, HDFC ERGO, and others, provide coverage for digital camera losses. However, Bajaj Finserv’s Pocket Insurance, which protects against all types of damage and theft, has one of the cheapest prices available for this type of insurance.

Laptop insurance and other specialized electronic equipment insurance are also available to the general public at extremely low prices through this company.

What does DSLR insurance offer, and at what cost?

Most companies offer DSLR insurance as part of an electronic equipment insurance policy. The premium depends on the innovative features offered by the insurer. There are three parts to the electronic equipment insurance policy to fulfill the needs of a wide range of individuals.

  • The policy includes coverage for both fire and manual dangers. Terrorism, rioting, and strikes are man-made hazards, whereas damage caused by fire, storms, and landslides falls under the category of natural disasters.
  • Expenses for external media devices, including cassettes, discs, and magnetic drives, are covered under this policy.
  • The cover for a replaced data processing unit is ICOW (Increased Cost of Working). The cost of replacement tools or additional personnel is covered by electronic equipment insurance when the insured equipment is broken or stolen.

Increasingly advanced cameras have led to an increased need for camera insurance. These are some of the firms that provide DSLR insurance in India.

Cameras are covered by the HDFC Ergo Portable Electronic Equipment Insurance, which protects them from various accidental and intentional damage. With a worldwide policy, the sum insured is up to the unit’s amount costs to buy or sell. If you prefer, you may call the company’s toll-free customer care number or visit a branch to apply for insurance coverage.

The Portable Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy from SBI covers all risks associated with portable electronic equipment such as laptop computers, cameras, and portable medical and biomedical equipment. This policy also covers systems software on portable computers and EDP systems. The premiums may be in the higher range.

The Portable Electronic Equipment Policy from Bharti AXA Commercial Insurance provides comprehensive coverage on a wide range of electronic equipment, including mobile phones, laptops, and digital cameras. The device is insured against loss and damage, and a payout equal to the insured amount is provided as compensation. A toll-free phone line and branches around the country can assist with claims.

Bajaj Finserv offers DSLR insurance specifically for the cameras. Burglaries and other natural calamities, such as fire, pose a persistent threat to the contents of your DSLR camera. Financial protection is available if your DSLR camera is accidentally damaged. Get coverage for device repair and replacement costs due to mechanical failure. Also, please note that the coverage is only up to the invoice value. This is available at one of the cheapest premiums available anywhere in India.


DSLR insurance cannot bring back memories stored in the camera, but it will enable you to capture new ones if your digital camera is lost, damaged, or stolen. DSLR insurance is not expensive and can be obtained online. Bajaj Finserv offers the most reasonable prices for DSLR insurance since they provide a wide range of pocket-friendly insurance products, such as laptop insurance, targeted towards upwardly mobile consumers.