How To Crack The CMA US Exam While Working Full-Time?


Working full time and not sure how to prepare for the CMA US exam? Worry not, it is just a matter of a strategic way of preparing for your CMA exam and you are sure to become successful.

Candidates often think of quitting their full-time jobs for the ideal preparation of the CMA exam. However, it is certainly not required if you plan your study efficiently and choose the right CMA exam preparation course which can guide you strategically.

Let us shed some light on what you can do to efficiently plan your study for the CMA US exam.

Try for Flexible Working Hours

Well, this is surely for the candidates who have been a dedicated employee all through and can demand some flexible hours from their boss. You can request him for some leniency in your working hours. This is not only a benefit for you but for the company as well if you crack your CMA and become one. Most of the organizations which are employee centric, do not really mind helping their employees who are willing to upskill themselves.

Manage Your Time Judiciously in Productive Activities

This may sound like lame or obvious advice, however it is important to understand and implement it. Yes, you need to cut out the noise which means you need to cut down on your social media, television time, binge watching or party time. A break or two may be the need while studying but spending too much time on these activities will not help as you already have spent a bunch of hours on your job.

Stay Motivated

This is very important for the candidates who sometimes tend to lose confidence while preparing for their CMA exam. You need to stay motivated all through your study for the CMA US exam. Read success stories, follow the strategies that your CMA US preparation course shares with you and most importantly take a short break and spend time on what you love to do to come back on a motivated track of study.

Track Your Productivity

If motivation still goes haywire and you are not able to concentrate to study for the CMA US exam, it is always a good idea to manage your time and study routine. Start using some planners, organizers, charts to record your study hours. Paste them everywhere you can notice them like in your room, work desk etc. This will help you balance your working and studying hours efficiently.

Schedule Your Priorities

As a working professional preparing for the CMA US exam, it is also important for you to set your priorities well in advance. Sit with your boss and plan your projects for the quarter and coming months in advance. This will save a lot of time for you and help you understand your workload. This way you will know how to manage your study time and maintain work-study balance.

Bonus Tip

Always plan a week off before your CMA US exam date. This will help you stay focused on study and avoid diversion. Revision in the last few days will become easier for you.

All these tips are sure to manage your study efficiently and help you crack your CMA exam as a full time working professional without quitting your job.