All You Need To Learn About Law As A Profession In India


The study of law is always helpful. Whether it is for your professional career, or personal understanding, pursuing law as a degree will always help you become wiser and tackle any sort of injustice. Law as a profession has always been in demand in India. This is mostly due to changing dynamics of economic and social circumstances. There are also regulatory changes being introduced by several bodies and the government. In such cases, many private firms and individuals seek law professionals’ help.

Besides, lawyers and doctors have always been in a high-esteem society. People offer them respect for their abundant knowledge in law and legal matters. They can even save any individual from having an injustice against them. Whenever anyone is in a problem, they seek the advice of the law professionals in India. This makes law the most desirable profession for most youth. If you are also interested in taking law as your profession, then here is all you need to know about law as a profession in India.

What do the lawyers do as professionals?

Lawyers in India play several roles in their profession. However, the primary function is always to help their clients win against injustice. Lawyers in India offer advice to clients about the right actions for any event. They suggest you do the course sequentially and meticulously. Besides, the law professionals also counsel the clients in making certain documents, including negotiations, agreements, policies, wills, contracts, and many more.

Apart from their individual clients, the Lawyers also help firms and organizations adhere to all the laws and compliances. A corporate lawyer can have several roles, including an Administrative role, Chief financial officer, Legal secretary, and many more.

Types of laws that a lawyer in India read about

To become a proficient lawyer, you need to gain skills and knowledge in different forms of laws. This includes:

  • Criminal law
  • Business law
  • Family law
  • Real Estate and Property Law
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Environmental law
  • Cyberlaw
  • International Law
  • Military law
  • Labour law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Financial law

Top exams that you need to appear to become a lawyer in India 

CLAT– the CLAT is the Common law admission test that offers you entry to several national law universities to pursue the law programs. There is a CLAT consortium that organizes this exam every year.

AILET– All India law entrance test is another prevalent exam for law admissions. However, this test only offers you admission to the NLU of Delhi.

LSAT– The LSAT is the Law School admission test and is another necessary test to offer you admission to several law schools in India.

These were the most prominent law school admission tests you need to appear to pursue your career as a law professional. However, several entrance tests offer you admission to several colleges. These tests include IPU CET, AILT, Cambridge Law test, LNAT, DU LLB, and a lot more.

What types of law career can you pursue?

Reading law brings you an extensive range of career options. Pursuing career in law can bring wide range of opportunities to work different rage of departments, which are mentioned below.

Corporate Lawyer- In this career option, you will have to defend your client firm against any sort of corporate case. As a corporate lawyer, either you can get hired by any one company or work for several smaller firms at a time.

  • Criminal Lawyer- Criminal lawyer as a career will bring you several clients to defend them against any criminal cases. People often get accused of false criminal cases, and your duty would be to clear all the allegations.
  • Public prosecutor– The public prosecutor is usually the lawyer who gets appointed by the government to defend any individual who is incapable of hiring any lawyer.
  • Judicial services– After completing your education in law, you can then seek to be a part of judicial services. The appointing process is always the judicial exam in India, and you have to clear this exam to become a judge in the courts of India.
  • Work for an investigation agency- As a lawyer, you can also become a part of any investigation agency and work to solve cases. Some of the most reputed investigation agencies include ED, CBI, and many more in India.
  • Solicitor– The solicitor is a profession for lawyers who need to draft certain documents for legal purposes.


In conclusion, this is all you should know about law as a profession in India. Now that you are aware of the significance of law, you should also follow the same.