Learn How to Say Goodbye in French

Goodbye in French

In this article, we will find out different ways of saying goodbye in French. Different words and expressions cover everything from “see you later” in French to telling somebody goodbye for eternity.

Here are 7 different ways to bid goodbye in French, beginning with the most formal to the most easygoing.

Learn Goodbye in French

1. Au revoir

This is one of the known classic French goodbyes. You can use this in most situations, whether formal or casual. It means “till we see each other again”. But if you’re looking for other—more interesting–ways to say goodbye, check out the rest of the list given below!

2. À bientôt

À bientôt can be used either formally or informally, when you know you’ll be seeing the other person again soon.Going to be separated for a few hours only? Say “À trèsbientôt”. See you very soon.

  1. Adieu

    This farewell is a bit grim. It actually means, “to God” and it seems fairly old-fashioned when you utilize it. Still, you can use this in cases when the farewell is rather last or you’re sure you’re never going to see each other once again.

    4. À demain

    So if you say à demain! that totally mean you are planning to see the person tomorrow. It indicated that you are doing to meet the person next day.

    5. Salut

    The informal French greeting “Salut!” has several translations including hi, hello, bye, goodbye and cheers. It is very casual word and can be mostly by teens to say this to their friends.

  2. à la prochaine

This word indicates you are saying goodbye to someone but you are not sure when you are not sure that you are going to see them again or not.

  1. À tout de suite

    This set is for when you’ll be seeing each other shortly. As an example, you’re having lunch with somebody yet you need to march rapidly to purchase something before you meet up again for coffee. Say “À tout de suite”. See you in a short while!


    so these are 7 different ways of saying goodbye in French. Which one you would prefer? Share your views with us. Hope this article will be helpful to you.