Good Friday 2023- Know The History And Significance

Good Friday

Good Friday is a day of religious significance for people who belong to Christian communities. Good Friday is considered a significant religious event in India.

Good Friday is observed on 7 April 2023. This day remembers the crucifixion and his death in Calvary. It is referred to as Friday before easter.

History of Good Friday 2023

Good Friday is a day of penance and sorrow. According to the studies, on Friday, Jesus is crucified by the Romans. He was condemned to blasphemy because he considered himself as the sun of god.

He also claims that he irked the Jewish religious leaders. As a result, he takes to the Romans. The leader of the Romans, Pontius Pilate, sentenced Jesus to crucifixion.

According to the stories, the disciple Judas made arrested by Roman soldiers, in which he got 30 pieces of silver as an appreciation token.

He tells Roman soldiers that whom he kiss is Jesus, and they must arrest him. The popular ” Judas kiss,” made by the painter in 1866, depends on his incident.

On crucifixion day, Jesus carries the cross to the website of execution, which is called the place of Calvary or skull in Latin. He was nailed to the cross when he was carried by feet and wrists. He was left in such a way on the cross till he died.

Significance of Good Friday 2023

There are many facts that come on Good Friday and why it is called a sorrowful and sad day. Good Friday is known as Kar Freitag or sorrowful Friday in German. Many people believe that Good Friday’s origin comes from the English word ” God’s Friday.”

On this day, Jesus’ sacrifice is appreciated by Christians as his sufferings, crucifixion, fortunes, and painful death.

A day after this good Friday day is the easter day, a celebration day. This day highlights the resurrection of Jesus from death. Easter Day was observed on 17 April 2023.

Is it allowed to eat meat on Good Friday?

On Good Friday or easter day, the Catholics are not allowed to eat meat. As this day remembers Jesus’ sacrifices, suffering, and death, it is not allowed for people to eat meat on this day. It is suggested to people to refrain from eating meat on this day.

What to do on Good Friday

Here is a list of some good things you can try on Good Friday in remembrance of Jesus’ sufferings, death, etc

  • Wake up early than any other day and make your heart for this sacrifice day.
  • Wear black clothes to show appreciation for Christians’ death
  • Keep silent from 12 pm to 3 pm because it is the time when the Christians suffer on the cross
  • Shut off your computer, TV, phone, or social media on this day
  • Pray the mysteries of the Rosary
  • Celebrate the rituals and traditions that are about the value and faith systems.
  • If there is someone in your life that you require to provide forgiveness, then forgive them on this Good Friday.


Good Friday is an event named the Christian holiday that commemorates Jesus’s crucifixion. In 2023, Good Friday is observed on 7 April. This day comes before the easter day, that fall on the first full moon after the equinox vernal.

In simple words, Good Friday is considered the solemn day of remembrance for Christians in the world, and it highlights the day when Jesus was arrested, tried, and died by crucifixion.


Why does it call Good Friday?

The Friday 2023 is called as the Good Friday because is appreciate the resurrection of Jesus and death and easter celebration. Many people also say that the origin of Good Friday comes from the term ” God’s Friday.”

What happens on Good Friday

On this day, Jesus was crucified at a calvary or skull place after being nailed and flogged by wrists and feet to cross.

What is the difference between Good Friday and easter day

On Good Friday, Jesus was crucified, but on easter day, the people celebrate the resurrection when Jesus come back to life. It happened on the third day of Jesus’ burial.

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