Happy Friendship Day 2022 – When is Friendship Day 2023

Happy Friendship Day 2022 - When is Friendship Day 2023

Happy Friendship Day 2023 – When is Friendship Day

Friendship is the truest form of human relationship. It is based on the idea of unconditional love, barring all kinds of societal barriers of caste, creed, colour, age, religion and ethnicity. At various stages of our life, we find the hands of various friends to pick us up when we fall, give us their shoulders to cry, fight for us, and most importantly, create a lifetime of memories with. Friends are irreplaceable in life. From the afternoon tiffin breaks in school with shared lunchboxes to growing up and sharing the midnight conversations with – friends find the way to our heart as naturally as they can.

As everyday is friendship day but friendship day is celebrated every year on a special day dedicated to friends. Now look at how it comes and significance of this day.

Joce Hall, the owner of Hallmark Cards, first proposed Friendship Day in Paraguay in 1958. In 2011, the UN declared July 30 to be World Friendship Day. However, many people lost interest in it as they thought it was an attempt to commercialize greeting cards and increase sales. However, it is celebrated on different dates around the world.

In India Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. This year it falls on 6th August 2023.

Significance of this special day

People celebrate this day by wishing their best friends giving those greeting cards, flowers and gifts. Thanks to advancements in technology, now it is very much easier to connect with friends and to be thankful for them. The United Nations also encourages people to observe understanding, friendship, and cooperation across barriers on this day. Even if your friend is in same city or outside the country you can connect to them via video calls, send them gifts online through using different websites.

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