Everything You Need to Know to Make Youtube Shorts

Youtube shorts

In 2005, YouTube completely changed how the world looks on the internet. It kept people busy with endless videos and content—a great source of entertainment for both the viewers and the creators. YouTube is a video entertainment platform owned by Google. With the evolving times, YouTube has also begun adapting. One such change in YouTube these days is the shorts, but what is it?

Understanding YouTube shorts

Unlike the big chunky videos, YouTube took a turn to help creators make smaller videos. These are known as YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts are 15-60 second videos in portrait mode. 

Since these videos are short, people end up watching plenty of entertaining videos over a short period. It helped in increasing views and engagement tremendously and paved the way for creators to create multiple videos in a shorter period.

Best online video creator cum editor for YouTube

One of the best video-creating tools creators can use for YouTube shorts is the online video editor tool that helps you capture videos, edit them as needed, and add contemporary music. You can even add animated text and edit the speed of your video. Moreover, with a cutting-edge YouTube video creator, you can get plenty of YouTube templates free of cost that you can directly use to create amazing and eye-catching content. Many customization tools help you edit your video to cater to your taste.

And you can also use a blank template to create the video from scratch. In addition, you can add text, graphics, and even GIFs to your YouTube video to make it more engaging. Besides, you can select the frame size and edit your video as per it. You can also edit the size of the video to specific dimensions. Advanced YouTube editors have many advanced features that help you create engaging Youtube shorts and add filters, edit video clips, add customized texts, etc. 

How to upload YouTube shorts?

The basic requirement for uploading YouTube shorts is a creator account on the YouTube portal. 

  • Step 1: Get a creator account

First, download the official YouTube app from your Play Store and log in to your Google account. Then you need to switch to a creator account. 

  • Step 2: Create a Youtube short

Click on create and select create a short. It helps you record with the help of your camera. Now you can easily record and edit your youtube short video. Alternatively, if you already have a video ready, you can also click on upload a video. Next, tap on the video you wish to upload from your gallery.

  • Step 3: Upload the video

It is the final step; once you upload the video, you cannot go back to the editing stage. Thus, you must make sure that all the editing is done. You can also replay the video multiple times to ensure that it has no errors. Lastly, you need to add the caption and the relevant details and directly post your video. 

Trendy YouTube short ideas

Since youtube shorts have a time limit, you must keep it precise and stick to the point. To keep it trendy, here are some themes that you can pick up – 


One of the most trendy videos on youtube shorts is challenges. Many top creators post a series of challenges, such as the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge. They further nominate a few people to follow this trend. You, too, can start such a trend or be a part of it with your creator friends. It helps boost reach and is equally funny at the same time. 

Morning inspiration videos 

YouTube is among the first apps that people open in the morning. Creating motivational videos that help spread positivity and happiness among people often get trendy. These videos can also be spiritual and related to religion. There are several YouTube templates that you can use for these as backgrounds. Simple text videos with soulful music can become trendy.

Makeup trends

Makeup trends are popularly followed by women, especially teenagers and young adults. They often look for inspiration and the latest trends for makeup on YouTube shorts. If this is your niche, you must create makeup shorts about upcoming events and festivals that hall surely hit the trending section.

Informational content

As per your niche and target audience, you can talk about a particular product or segment that can help spread information. For example, the technology or the finance segment. Here, you can pick up a topic each day and tell your audience about it. Watch out for the latest companies or products that flood the market in your niche and talk about them.

Quick food recipes

If you are someone who adores and enjoys cooking, this niche can help you crack the market. Most food cooking videos are over 5 to 7 minutes. It can get boring for many people. On the other hand, if you can shorten these recipes to 15-60 videos, you can get a lot of viewers. You can also opt for categories such as weight loss, muscle training, and desserts when you talk about quick food recipes.

Niche-specific tips and tricks

Since YouTube shorts are small videos providing concise and to-the-point, specific information can help boost your reach. One such area that you can cover is tips and tricks. These can be general or topic-specific. For example, how to create an effective timetable, budget planning, tips to crack competitive exams, etc.


YouTube shots are quite popular with today’s generation. They are effective, save time, and are entertaining as well. Since these do not require much time to watch, people often scroll through them while walking. It helps increase the viewership of creators and gain reach. While creating YouTube shorts, always remember to provide brief and to-the-point content to match the length of the video. What are you waiting for? Go and create your YouTube short today.