Control on all Platforms

Oracle Primavera

The Oracle Primavera is a project, portfolio and program management platform that allows for control on all the stages of a project lifecycle. The title is Oracle Primavera Cloud, an essential push by Oracle to get Primavera P6 (the software’s latest version) to the cloud.

Oracle Primavera Cloud, nicknamed OPC, integrates both the project and portfolio planning with the delivery teams for planning, resourcing, risk mitigation, and scheduling. It works completely on a cloud-based platform.

This simply means you will need Wi-Fi to access the content, but you can easily share projects and progress with other team members. With the cloud, more communication, consistency, and confidence comes perfectly especially when working with multiple projects and project teams simultaneously.

The cloud has four cloud service modules: Primavera schedule, Task scheduling, Primavera portfolio, and Risk management.

Primavera schedule

The core of Oracle Primavera cloud is the CPM scheduling service. This application is considered as a more advanced, cloud-based version of Primavera P6 Professional or Primavera P6 Enterprise.

Just like in the P6 programs, you can do your planning, scheduling, and monitoring cost-loaded resources and roles. This is built specifically to ease the tradition from Primavera P6 users to the cloud.

The Oracle Primavera cloud features are now simplified, and have a more accessible user interface while at the same time maintaining all the functionalities. As it is, Primavera P6 XML files can be directly imported into the OPC, making for a smooth transition of even projects that are in-progress.

OPC and Primavera P6

In comparison to Primavera P6, Oracle Primavera Cloud is not only modernized but also more cost effective. Today, the Primavera Schedule service starts at only $100 per user per month. This is about a third of the cost of one Primavera P6 license.

In addition, using the Primavera Schedule of OPC allows for multiple users to manage multiple projects simultaneously. This is especially helpful for companies that useproject teams around the world. With the cloud, they can all communicate, monitor, and adjust individual projects and programs efficiently.

Task scheduling

The Task Scheduling service of Oracle Primavera Cloud is called Primavera Lean. This is a collaborative task planning system integrated with the CPM scheduling engine.

Essentially, this is oracle’s version of lean scheduling. It manages activities from the CPM schedule and breaks them down to tasks that can be rearranged for purposes of efficiency.This scheduling is based on traditional lean scheduling processes.

The lean scheduling in the past was rearranged on a board to ensure project efficiency. In the software, this is done using a digital planning board. The activities are broken down into tasks that can be physically rearranged simultaneously by various project teams.

The decisions made in the Task Scheduling service can then be integrated into the master CPM schedule. This allows full visibility, coordination, and communication among team members and stakeholders.

Primavera portfolio

The Primavera Portfolio allows for a portfolio-based view of the various projects and programs. Portfolios can make you view and manage your project’s multiple information. This includes pipelines, estimated budgets, and capital spending requirements.

Developed specifically for portfolio managers, this module allow them to evaluate scenarios and budgets across projects in order to ensure that they align with the corporate strategic goals.

Viewing and monitoring

In essence, the portfolios allow you to view all of the projects, resources, and other data being utilized for your organization simultaneously. A variety of different tools enables you to see such important items.

With different tools, you can see such items as customizable dashboards, performance scorecards, and investor maps. Primavera Portfolio allows portfolio managers full control over all the stages of the project, from the initial planning until the execution.

Project proposals

In addition, the module of the Primavera portfolio introduces more tools to help ease the planning stage. The projects in this module may be submitted as project proposals. This allows the portfolio managers to accept or reject potential projects even before they are created.

Both the proposed and realized projects can be grouped, sorted and rearranged in order to maximize the benefits. At the same time, they minimize the risks across the entire portfolio.

Primavera Portfolio also works as portfolio filtering and KPI monitoring through the customizable measures. This lets the users to continuously monitor the performance of the portfolio.

Risk management

The risk management of the Oracle Primavera cloud allows users to capture, assess, monitor and mitigate any potential project risks that may arise. In the risk register, you can add and categorize all project risks and opportunities. This is very useful in maintaining communication with project team members.

The OPC risk management module has a risk analysis tool that allows you to run Monte Carlo simulations of potential risks and opportunities. Both the qualitative and quantitative analysis will produce histogram curves showing expected time and cost outcomes.

OPC cost

The Oracle Primavera Cloud carries a low initial requirement of 5 schedule cloud service

Subscriptions with a price point of just $1,320.00 per user per year.The optional modules can be added to the subscription plan at any time.

There are no start-up costs. Likewise, all the updates and upgrades are applied dynamically to the system. In addition, Oracle technical support is included with the subscription.In addition, every environment is assigned an Oracle Client Success manager to sponsor and support your deployment.

Additional notes

Oracle Primavera software is an intelligent tool that can be used by anyone involved in project management. The biggest qualifications of the software are that it allows you to manage your projects, your people and your finances.

The main features are the many integrated modules that allow you to gain access to the information you need in order to make sound business decisions.


Primavera P6 readily integrates with other applications to gain more visibility into your business operations. The other good news is that the software is also provided in several different editions.

This includes the Standard, the Enterprise, Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) and the Small Business Edition (SBF).

Based on rough statistics, more than 575 of 600 top engineering companies in United States alone employ and make use of Primavera software package. In addition, all the U.S. military and federal agencies also use the software.

Primavera has benefited every industry through aerospace to be able to work in manufacturing, electronics to information technology, Telecom sector to Civil, and all other sectors that are involved in business management.