Bhasha Kise Kahate Hain


Thousands of languages are spoken all over the world. Apart from our own language, we cannot understand the language of others. Every old age or child understands the language of their own society and country, but they do not understand the language of other countries or in other words it takes a lot of time to understand.

Bhasha Kise Kahate Hain (what is a language called)

Expressing one’s thoughts to someone by speaking or writing is called ‘language’. In simple language, saying, writing, listening and understanding anything is called ‘language’. If we say it in other words, ‘Language’ is the system of meaningful sounds (oral language) or sound-signs (written language) used to express feelings or thoughts.

Through which we can explain our feelings and thoughts to others in writing or verbally and can understand the feelings of others, it is called language. Language is the meaningful expressed speech of a human being.

Example of language –

Like, give me a book. How can this feeling, thought or desire be expressed using language:

(a) By verbal sound “Please, give me a book.”

(b) By writing on paper – “Please, give me a book.”

This is how we talk to our family, friends and school, this is called language.

Purpose of Language in Hindi?

It is through language that humans exchange their feelings or thoughts. It is through language that one person expresses his feelings, thoughts and wishes to another person.

Bhasha aur Boli mein kya Antar Hai | What is the difference between language and dialect?

Expressing one’s thoughts and feelings through speaking or writing i.e. saying, writing, listening and understanding anything is called ‘language’. It is through language that we express our thoughts to each other.

Like, Papa, buy me a new bicycle.

The language spoken in limited areas, that is, the language which started being spoken from the regions and is spoken mostly in the regions only, is called dialect.

In some states of India, their own dialect is mostly spoken.

Such as:

  • Marwari, Bikaneri, Bagri, Shekhawati, Mewari dialects are spoken in Rajasthan.
  • Majhi, Malwai, Duabi and Puadhi dialects are spoken in Punjab.
  • Bangaru, Kaurvi, Southern Hindi, Jatu Khari Boli are spoken in Haryana.

Bhasha, Boli, Lipi aur Vyakaran Kya hota hai

Language (भाषा) Expressing and speaking your thoughts to someone is called language. We can convey our thoughts to someone else by speaking, writing and listening and can know his thoughts.

Dialect (बोली): The form of language spoken in limited areas is called dialect. Different dialects are spoken in each region.

Script (लिपि): While using language we use meaningful sounds. The symbols through which these oral sounds are expressed in writing are called script.

Grammar (व्याकरण): Grammar is the science through which one can speak, understand, write and read the language in a pure and universally accepted or standard form.


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