Abdu Rozik Height, Wiki, Weight, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Abdu Rozik

Abdu Rozik is considered a Tajik singer, musician, and blogger. He is well known for his work on social media and the movie industry. He is also popular among people of his shortage. He competes in the popular reality TV show Big Boss 16. On various social media platforms, Abdu Rozik is a popular singer and character. He is the author of various popular originals.

The best thing is the gained huge popularity because of his fight with Hasbulla Magomedov. Abdu Rozik is a contestant in Big Boss 16, where he gains huge fame.

Abdu Rozik Wiki

Abdu Rozik
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Abdu Rozik is a popular social media star. He performs popular songs. He was born on September 23, 2003 at Panjakent, Tajikistan. In Panjakent, he finished his education. After that, he continued his education by 10th grade, at which point he dropped out to support his family in terms of financial terms. Then, he starts performing on the streets of Gishdarva. In this way, we can see how the life of Abdu Rozik is challenging.

When the Tajik blogger rapper noticed Abdu Rozik, it was considered a turning point in his life. Boron suggests he continue his career as a singer after embracing his talent. Abdu and Boron shift to Dubai when Abdu’s father are agreed to request Boron.

Family details of abdu rozik

Abdu Rozik was born in a Muslim family of middle-class origin from Tajikistan. His complete family believes in Islam and wishes for Allah. The father of Abu Rozik is Savriqul Muhammed, who works as a gardener. He lives with his parents and two siblings. Currently, he is single. In one of the interviews, he mentioned that he has an interest in love.

The career of abdu rozik

Abdu Rozik completed high school in his living area. He does not complete any additional education at any educational institute. On the internet, there is a lack of information present related to his academic credentials. He has a deep music appreciation from an early age. The best thing is that when he starts listening to music, he begins to sing more.

The person who helped the abdu a lot is BekhruzZugurov. He declared his music only on YouTube, where he uploaded his name under valid media. Ohi Dili Zor, Oshiqami and the ChakiChaki Boron, and some other songs are introduced by the Abdu.

Abdu rozik disease

Abdu suffers from the disease and rickets from his childhood. Because of his disease, he faces a deficiency of vitamin D and calcium in his body. Due to this disease, his height is not increased, and the size of his body remains the same.

Along with height, his bones are also weak and stop the growth of body size and height. Because of the financial constraints earlier, his family is not treated properly.

Height and weight of Abdu

Abdu Rozik
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Abdu is a popular Tajik singer who creates the record of being the smallest and most popular singer in the world. He is only 20 years old as of 2023, and his height is measured to be 3 feet 1 inch. The weight of Abdu is 18 kg. From his child age, the rozik suffered from the hormone deficiency disease, rickets.

The net worth of abdu rozik

As per the latest analysis, the net worth of Abdu Rozik is estimated at more than $200,000. The main source of income for Abdu is music and sponsorships. He is able to earn a great amount of money as a career vocalist.

He also makes earnings for his youtube flow on online platforms. Along with this, abdu gets international recall and collaborates with the top brands. In short, he is a famous person who earns a handsome amount of money in a shortage.


1. Is Abdu Rozik a kid?

Abdu Rozik was born on 23 September 2003. He is 20 years old. s

2. What is Abdu Rozik doing now?

He speaks Farsi and Tajik and currently studies Russian. He is sponsored by a UAE corporation, ifcm. ae and is in charge of the international career.

3. Is Abdu Rozik rich?

Fans are aware of Abdu Rozik and that he is the richest celebrity in the Big Boss house. As per the latest reports, the net worth of Abdu is estimated at around $500k.

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