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Are you a movie lover? Do you want to enjoy all the latest movies free of cost? Well, you should follow Coolmoviez. All types of movies are available on this website. It is an illegal website and provides you with pirated movies. There is no need to visit the theatres or other channels. Download different types of movies from this website.

Recently, the website became popular and it provides all types of movies like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Bengali movies. Other than that, all types of dubbed versions are also available. Isn’t it interesting? Follow all the steps and download all the latest movies. You can also watch it online. The quality is High dimensional. So, watch all the movies and stay happy.

Is It Safe To Open Coolmoviez?

No, it is not at all safe to open Coolmoviez. It is a pirated website as mentioned earlier. So, anything can happen to you. Governments of all countries have banned using this website. Due to this many movie industries are suffering losses. No people are visiting the theatre and watching all the movies here. Hence, it proved to be a great loss for the industry.

Other than that, it is illegal to download movies or web series from an illegal website. It is a pirated version. If anyone is caught red-handed watching this website then the government will take strict actions against them. Moreover, the person can also be sentenced to prison for a few years. It is not a good idea to watch the Coolmoviez and to bring risk into your life.

If you want to watch all types of movies then it is better to use paid subscriptions. Here you can enjoy all types of movies at a reasonable cost. The most important thing is that it is safe and reliable. No harm will happen to you if you watch the movies here.

What Type Of Movies Are Available?

In Coolmoviez you will get to view almost all types of movies. Those include Tamil, Telugu, Odia, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali movies. Apart from these, you can also watch dramas, and web series free of cost. The website provides you with different types of resolutions. High-resolution movies will take time to download. The low resolution will take a little time to download.

Depending upon your need, you can download movies or web series. Other than that, you can also watch movies directly online just like YouTube and Daily motion. There is also the option of watching other countries’ movies in dubbed versions. In general, it can be said that you can find all types of movies, dramas, short films, and other things under the same roof.

How To Download Movies From Coolmoviez?

It is very easy to download movies from Coolmoviez. Here are the important steps for you to follow.

  • First, you need to visit the website of
  • The website will be opened and you have to enter the name of the movie in the search bar. Other than that, the website will provide you with different types of options.
  • Now, you choose the movie that you want to download or watch.
  • Choose the resolution of 720p or 1080p. Now, you need to think differently. The movie will take time to download.
  • If you wish then you can also watch the movie directly from the website.
  • Choose the place where the movie will be stored. If you do not select the place then it will automatically store in the download section.
  • After that, you can watch the movie whenever you want. You may also delete the movie after watching it from the computer.

Final Thoughts

Finally, to conclude, it can be said that Coolmoviez is the best option for you to watch all types of movies. You only need to remain safe and secure. The movies can create harassment in your life. Hence, it is essential to watch the movies by maintaining decorum. It is an illegal website and provides pirated movies. Due to the upcoming of all these websites, the movie industry is suffering from loss. Hence, you can think twice before downloading the movies. Many people are using this platform to watch all types of movies free of cost.

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