Who is Yua Mikami? | Mikami Yua Net Worth

Yua Mikami

Find out how much Yua Mikami is worth, discuss her early life, career, and personal life, and discover who she is.

Who is Yua Mikami?

The Japanese actress Yua Mikami is known as an adult video actress, model, and media personality. She began her modeling career as a gravure model and became extremely popular in the modeling industry. In 2009, she made her debut as a member of the idol group SKE48 before leaving the group in 2014.

Yua Mikami Net Worth

It is estimated that Yua Mikami has a net worth of $47 million.

Yua Mikami early life and career

Yua Mikami was born in Nagoya, Japan, on August 16, 1993. Her family came from a middle-class background, and she graduated from a local high school. Yua Mikami began working as a gravure model after completing her education. 

She appeared in a variety of publications after completing her education. She became well-known in the modeling world because of how beautiful she was and how nice she was, and soon she was offered parts in many AV films.

In 2015, Yua Mikami made her debut:

Yua Mikami’s debut in the adult video industry took place in 2015, and she quickly established a reputation for her good looks and excellent acting ability. A large number of major production houses in Japan have worked with her, and she has gained a large following of fans. 

In 2016, she won the Best New Actress Award:

Her achievement of winning the Best New Actress Award in 2016 cemented her position as one of the most popular AV actresses in Japan.

Yua Mikami has participated in more than 200 adult videos to date and is a household name in the Japanese audiovisual industry. 

Yua Mikami popularity:

Her popularity has also grown outside of Japan, and she is well-known throughout much of Asia. She has worked with many international production companies and has been in many TV dramas and movies for kids and teens.

Yua Mikami personal life

Yua Mikami is known for being an avid anime and video game fan, and in interviews, she has stated that she enjoys playing games and watching anime when she has free time.

Yua Mikami loves animal:

It is well known that Yua Mikami is passionate about animals and has several animals of her own, including a cat and a dog. She frequently posts photographs of her animals on social media, and her fans enjoy seeing her more vulnerable side as well.

Sources of Yua Mikami income

The income of Yua Mikami comes from a variety of sources.

  • Music

The Japanese singer Yua Mikami has released several albums and singles. Aside from that, she has performed in numerous music videos, commercials, and other promotional activities. Her music has been played both in Japan and abroad.

  • Acting

It has been her pleasure to act in several television shows and movies, as well as appear in numerous television commercials.

  • Endorsements

Yua Mikami is an endorsement and model for some reputable brands as well as a variety of products and services.

  • YouTube

She has a popular YouTube channel on which she posts videos about her day-to-day activities and the progress of her various projects. As a result of her YouTube channel, Yua Mikami has been able to use advertising and sales of merchandise to earn money.

  • Live Events

Yua Mikami has performed at live events such as concerts, festivals, and other promotional events. She has also appeared in various media outlets and magazines.


  1. How much does Yua Mikami get paid?

Yua Mikami’s income in the 18+ sector is also reported to be more than 20 million yen per month in the press in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  1. What is the height of Yua Mikami?

It is estimated that Yua Mikami is 1.59 meters tall.

  1. What is the weight of Yua Mikami?

There is no doubt that Yua Mikami weighs more than 50 kilograms.


The estimated net worth of Yua Mikami is $47 million, which is a testament to her hard work and dedication. Yua Mikami is an award-winning singer, model, actress, and model, and she always gives her fans amazing content. You can achieve great heights in any field you choose by putting in hard work and dedication. Her success serves as an example of how hard work and dedication are necessary for success.

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