The Best Wooden Baby Walkers


Baby walkers help children to find their feet, make moving fun and become a playtime routine. Active kids want to buy the push activity walkers and use it to transport their toys from toybox. Even the many children walkers are available, all of them do not come with the same quality or may affect child health.

Choosing a baby wooden walker is an eco-friendly option that provides good health, learning benefits, and safety to children. In this blog, you will learn learned about the best baby wooden walkers.

  1. Bajo baby walker

Bajo is considered a Polish family business that produces nontoxic and sustainable toys and walkers. They use natural rubber, FSC-certified timber, and nontoxic paint to make secured push-along walkers for babies and meet their needs.

The design consists of a single-bar abacus for hand-eye coordination and a toy tray to inspire kids to play and improve their motor skills. It also helps kids to transform into a spacious toy wagon.

  1. Plan toys, baby walker

Plan Toys baby walker is the best wooden toy for kids that meet international safety standards. They use nontoxic dyes, formaldehyde-free plywood and sourced wood to produce baby walkers. They produce eco-friendly baby walkers and motivate kids to play and develop their motor skills with only 24 blocks in a wooden wagon.

With manageable handle heights, flexible front bumpers, and speed settings, this wooden baby walker is comfortable and safe for them to move independently.

  1. Woodtoe wooden baby walker

This other best wooden walker for kids is an eco-friendly option that is made up of three types of solids, European beech, African sapele, and American boss. The best thing is that it is come with a height-adjustable handle and becomes perfect for growing kids as their requirements change. You can also manage the speed by making the kids learn safe to move. It helps your kids to walk independently and transforms them into toy trailers.

  1. Ever earth activity walker

Ever Earth makes the favorite toys for kids with the help of FSC-certified bamboo or hardwood. All the materials used to make wooden walkers for kids here come from China sustainable plantations. Their interactive wooden walker has colorful components to engage and excite the children to learn and walk.

The puzzle, xylophone,  beads, and shape sorter of this store provide the best opportunities for children and develops fine motor skills, creativity, cognitive skills, and coordination.

  1. Wonder and wise baby walker

This baby walker with wooden blocks, beads, and counting tiles helps toddler to make huge recognition, motor skills, creativity.  Kids can easily play with wonder and wise table activity while standing, sitting, or walking, and make this versatile walker that makes perfect for babies. This baby walker is made up of YSCA title VI compliant plywood, solid pine wood, and plastic free from BPA, PVA, and BPS.

  1. Plan toys funky van walker

It is an adorable baby walker that is made up of sustainable materials. It features flowers and a smiling face, and it comes with three bright colors to make it perfect for kids. With a pull mechanism and simple push, storage space for kids, and adjustable handle height, this walker is best fit for toddlers of 10 months or more. It produces baby walkers from surplus sawdust chips and renewable rubberwood, and non-toxic dyes.

  1. Wagon with blocks from tender leaf toys

Tender Leaf Toys produces wooden children’s toys eco friendly. All the products from this store are approved by the ICTI Ethical Toy Program. The company uses renewable rubber rood to produce wooden wagon walkers with blocks. It features 29 theme garden pieces to inspire creative play in kids.

This baby walker is durable and strong with water-based paints, nontoxic, and consists of no additional formaldehyde. The best thing is that this wooden walker is recycled when its life ends.


Choosing a wooden walker, children need to be a sustainable source because it helps to save natural resources and reduce baby exposure to toxic plastics. Whether you buy classic wagon or an activity station, the children will able to learn to walk, run, and play better.

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