Why Hiring A Podcast Studio Could Be A Great Investment

Podcast Studio

Do you run a podcast, or are you thinking of starting a podcast? Not sure where to start and what types of studios and spaces are available to you? Read on for a guide on how to hire a podcast studio and what is included in each type of space. 

Podcast studios nowadays come well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including the highest quality recording equipment, which means you can record your podcast professionally and comfortably.  They are perfect for staff of 1 to 400. No matter, if you are a startup or an experienced podcast channel hiring a podcast studio could be a great investment.

Benefits of Podcast Studios 

Many benefits include: 

  • A quiet space to record and interview – this is hugely important to get the recording done in one take 
  • Chairs and a mic for others to record with you – why not have some guests on your channel? 
  • A lounge to entertain or take a break and get comfortable – get to know and build a little community of other podcast lovers, so it does not have to feel like work
  • Bookings are available on weekdays – because who wants to work on the weekends anyway?

Starting a podcast can be daunting and overwhelming, but with a podcast studio hire and helpful staff on hand to guide you, it does not have to be too stressful. 

When you book a studio, you get access to a range of other facilities included. Below are details on each. 

Studio Specs – High-speed internet, 23sqm studio with sound-deadening walls and couch, capacity 4 people, private and quiet studio. 

Other – Break out area and café on-site, full kitchen and fridges, unlimited tea and coffee, shower available on site and lots more. 

It does not have to be all work and no play; build a proper community with the social side of the podcast studios. 

If cost is a factor, do not be disheartened, competitive hourly rates are available, and you can choose the pack you think will be right for your podcast recording needs.  Finance options are generally available, so do not let it put you off enquiring. 

Visit https://workitspaces.com.au/podcast-studio-hire for more information on costs and what is included when you book a podcast space.  With access to transport links nearby and friendly, experienced staff, it would be crazy not to enquire right away. 

There are many types of workspaces as well as podcast studios which can be availed of.  These include virtual desks, meeting rooms and dedicated desks.  


Amazing co working space! Great atmosphere with attentive staff!’

‘Surrounded by super hard-working individuals that constantly inspire me to achieve my best every day. The staff are passionate about what they do and are always happy to help!’

‘Customer service exceeded my expectations. Staff are all super helpful and had very professional attitudes. Will recommend in future!’

‘The space is so spacious! The receptionist that greeted me was super friendly’

‘A great location, great facilities, competitive prices!’

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