What Is PCNOK? Advantages of Patient Care Network for Patients


In today’s modern world everything is going digital. Every business is spreading its network through technology to reach the maximum number of people. With everything going online, medical services are not left behind, especially after COVID.

Which is the largest network in the field of medical care? PCNOK.

Details and Understanding –

Let’s understand what is PCNOK!? PCNOK is a health science technology networking digital ways for easy access to patients. It improved the rehabilitation of patients.

PCNOK is one of the largest networks of primary care providers in the state of Oklahoma. PCNOK stands for Patient Care Network. It is a member organization consisting of 19 members.

PCNOK was formed in 2014 to advance the health of Oklahomans. It officially became an Accountable Care Organization in 2017.

During COVID when everyone had to follow social distancing norms and an increase in disease due to a sedentary lifestyle, it was more important for people to use online tools and technology to keep an eye on the health of every vulnerable person. COVID gave rise to the need for online healthcare services. But PCNOK was already working on providing services online.

Goals of PCNOK-

  • Improve the overall health of Oklahomans through increased access to quality care.
  • Attain high patient engagement, satisfaction, and quality care.
  • Lower the overall cost of healthcare for patients.
  • Provide healthcare services through technology-driven methods.

The mission of PCNOK is to make Oklahoma healthy again. It works to advance the triple aim of healthcare reform toward better care, healthier people, and smarter spending. PCNOK also supports mutual contracting interests such as group purchasing on behalf of its membership.

Members of PCNOK-

Members include 19 of the 22 health centers serving Oklahoma, a Certified Community Behavioural Center, and a Comprehensive Community Addiction Recovery Center. The members of PCNOK are:-

  • Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centres, Inc.
  • Caring Hands Healthcare Centers, Inc.
  • Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center
  • Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma, Inc.
  • Community Health Centres of Oklahoma
  • Community Health Connection, Inc.
  • Center for Therapeutic Interventions (CTI)
  • Eastern Central Oklahoma Family Health Center, Inc.
  • Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma
  • Good Shepherd Community Clinic
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.
  • Northcare
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Center
  • Panhandle Counseling and Health Center
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc.
  • Short grass Community Health Center
  • Southern Central Medical and Resource Center
  • Stiger Health and Wellness Center, Inc.
  • Variety care.

Work of PCNOK-

PCNOK serves people living in all 77 Oklahoma counties. All life cycles from prenatal care through geriatric care are part of the overall care model. PCNOK members work collaboratively to advance innovation in care delivery including the integration of mental health, telehealth, care teams, and health coaches into the scope of primary care. It works for the wellness of society.

PCNOK has been successful in its goal to save money while improving healthcare. In 2018, it was the only all-Oklahoma Accountable Care Organization (ACO) to save the Medicare Program money. In 2019, it was the only all-Oklahoma ACO to achieve Shared Savings- Saving Medicare $8.7 million while meeting all clinical quality benchmarks.

PCNOK provides technology-based services. It helps in remote monitoring and proactive attention to patients at a distance. It links healthcare professionals with patients.

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Benefits of PCNOK-

  • It helps patients in finding better healthcare services in their area online.
  • Patients don’t need to visit the healthcare center frequently. They can seek consultation online.
  • PCNOK aims to provide better services at lower costs.
  • It provides various kinds of healthcare services including dental, vision, testing, pharmacy, etc.
  • Strong statewide impact leveraging community collaborations, integration concepts, and incorporating social determinants of health to help people find better health and wellness.
  • Healthcare providers can examine their patients on regular basis.

Scope of PCNOK-

PCNOK members operate 125 urban and rural healthcare delivery sites offering medical, dental, vision, mental health, and certain specialty care, as well as diagnostic testing, pharmacy, and nutrition services.

PCNOK members accept Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and self-pay patients. It also provides discounts for cash-pay patients under 200℅ of poverty, based on eligibility and proof of income.

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Board of Directors –

  • Teresa Huggins – Board Chair (The Health and Wellness Center, Inc.)
  • Lou Carmichael – Secretary ( Variety Care)
  • Isabella Lawson – Treasurer ( Community Health Center, Inc.)
  • Tina Davis – Member ( Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma, Inc.)
  • Jim McCarthy – Member ( Community Health Connection)
  • Scott Rosenthal – Member (Northeastern Oklahoma Community Centers)
  • Susan Savage – Member ( Morton Comprehensive Health Services)
  • Brenda Ware – Member ( Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center)
  • Andrew Lasser – Consumer Member ACO ( Community Health Centers, Inc.)


  • Brian Carter – Executive Director (PCNOK)

Revenue –

In 2021, PCNOK generated total revenue of $ 1.1 million in 2022.


PCNOK has its headquarters in Oklahoma City, US.


PCNOK has very fewer staff. It has a total of 25 employees only.

Conclusion –

PCNOK is a perfect example of how technology has made our life better. It is an effective technology-driven method to monitor patients. It connects providers and receivers of healthcare services to provide better services. It focuses on cost-effectively improving Oklahomans’ health.

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