What is a Synthesis Essay: A Good Explanation of What it is and How to Write One

Synthesis Essay

In simplest words, a synthesis essay is the reflection of all the data and information gathered from distinct sources. It is basically an exchange of information that takes place amongst a writer and the sources incorporated. Many of the times, it sounds familiar to that as an argumentative essay, but it is more focused on the features of a discussion. The writer mentions a few of the sources in this type of essay to back up the ideas that they want to share. There are two types of synthesis essays that you must know about for selecting the best suitable type for your essay. You can have a look at the below-given descriptions of the same. It is given by the essay writing service cheap online assignment assistance website experts.

Types of Synthesis Essay

The synthesis essay is basically of two types, i.e. argument and explanatory synthesis. Have a look at their explanations given below:

  1. Argument Synthesis: For writing an argument synthesis, you are required to come up with an argument that answers a specific prompt.

You must also give justification in support of the thesis and mention ideas in support of the same, just the way you do while writing an argumentative essay. You can mention applicable facts, figures and pieces of evidence from the material through which you are conducting the research. They must be amalgamated in a way that draws you to the conclusions of your synthesis.

  1. Explanatory Synthesis:This type of synthesis requires one to conduct research on a specific topic. Then represent the facts neutrally collected from numerous sources. Remember not to persuade or start an argument with anyone about the authenticity of your stance. Rather, structure the solid facts you collected in extensive text. An explanatory synthesis helps in enhancing or gaining knowledge on a certain topic or subject. It also helps to have a viewpoint from distinct perspectives.

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Structure of Synthesis Essay

The structure of the synthesis essay is a reference that states the ways in which a writer must represent their ideas in the essay. Three of the fundamental structures for writing the same are explained by the essay writing services providers below:

  1. Climatic Order:In this one, you will have to represent your arguments in the chronology that starts by stating the least essential things first. The reason for following this structure is to introduce the readers to the most important thing at last. So that they take away the essential part with themselves.
  2. Chronological Order:Although it cannot be used with argumentative essays, it applies to all other types of synthesis essays. In this one, you have to present your thoughts and ideas in a systematic way. It helps the readers in understanding a topic or subject with the proper flow of information. It is best suitable for explaining cause and effect essay type.
  3. Logical Order: This order comes in use when you are writing down something in which the ideas are dependent on each other. In this type, the ideas mentioned in the starting are less complicated than the ones mentioned later. You cannot use it for writing an argumentative essay.

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