What are Progressive Slots – All You Need to Know


Every person who visits an online casino site fantasizes about winning one of the enormous jackpots provided by progressive slots. Many players think that if they know how to obtain it, they have a decent chance of winning those drastically changing fortunes.

This article provides you with a comprehensive overview of progressive jackpot slots so you can understand how to obtain those progressive jackpots and your chances of winning a progressive jackpot.

What Are Progressive Slots?

The jackpot reward in progressives slot online games grow with every wager made until it is won, thus the name.

The jackpot prize increases each time a real money wager is made but the jackpot is not hit. Each stake contributes a tiny portion to the jackpot, which is often shown to players in real-time as it grows. When the jackpot is won, it is reset to a seed, which is a predetermined minimum amount.

Wagering Requirements

Slot machine games have a wagering or bet requirement in order to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot payout. This is often the maximum bet or credit denomination for each play.

You are still eligible for the slot’s additional features, including its free-spins mode and multipliers, if available, even if you don’t fulfill the wager minimum. 

However, as progressive slot online typically have reduced RTP rates to account for the enormous prize, playing them without striving for the greatest payout contradicts the purpose of playing them.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Strategies

In contrast to your standard slot gaco machine strategy, progressive jackpot slots call for a particular set of techniques.

Loss Limit

Compared to other games, progressive slots frequently have the lowest RTP and highest volatility rate. It might be challenging to make money playing these games, and you can lose all of your money before hitting the biggest payout.

You may enjoy the game without worrying about money if you set a loss cap. Simply stop playing if your cash reaches a predetermined threshold. Another strategy is to set aside money for progressive slots and another for various casino games, which will let you take advantage of the numerous casino games.

Total Jackpot Prize

It is important to know how much the minimum progressive jackpot on the machines you wish to play is. As much as most progressive jackpots have a seed amount of $5,000 or more, it will be a squandered opportunity to play these slots when the prize is at the minimum.

Play a progressive slot with a jackpot payout that is at least twice the minimum jackpot. The minimum jackpot for a progressive slot may be found in online casino databases or on the homepage of the software developer, letting you know which ones to avoid playing.

RTP & Variance

As a general rule, slot gacor machines with greater RTP and lower variance rates offer better returns with less risks. The RTP and variance rates are often the lowest for popular progressive slots. Progressive slots do have superior risk-to-reward ratios, though.


The primary distinction between progressive slots and traditional ones is the increasing jackpot rewards. Since you need to score the most difficult goals to win these games, you need a lot of luck. Playing progressive slots with a mid-RTP and mid-high volatility rate will help you slightly boost your chances of winning a progressive jackpot.