Top 10 Angel Investors in India

Angel Investors

Amidst the end of the winter 2022, it was observed that the total funds raised by startups in India dropped by around 40 percent YoY. On the other hand, seed & bridge-stage funding continued growing. Even after the drop in funding, around 21 startups were capable of entering the unicorn hub last year. As a result, India eventually received its 100th unicorn as investors continued showing their faith and confidence in the Indian startup ecosystem.

Out of all fundraising options, angel investment turns out to be a primary source of capital for early-stage and pre-revenue startups. However, before seeking funds, it is equally important to understand the difference between a venture capitalist vs angel investor to obtain the best outcomes. Moreover, you can seek other investment opportunities as well-including revenue-based financing in which your startup is provided a predictable and consistent stream of revenue.

When you are launching your startup and looking for reliable angel investment opportunities, here are your best options:

  1. Velocity: Velocity India strives to build the future of financial and banking services for new-age business environment in the nation. The proficient team at Velocity is led by industry experts like Abhiroop Medhekar (alumni of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad), Atul Khichariya (alumni of IIT Bombay), and Saurav Swaroop (alumni of IIT Bombay).
  2. Indian Angel Network: It is one of the oldest angel investing firms in India. It was introduced in 2006. The firm also runs an incubator while having recently ventured into the UK and Sri Lanka. Recently, Indian Angel Network was successful in closing deals across a wide industry vertical -including food technology, online marketplaces, and so more.
  3. Mumbai Angels: Some of the early bets of the angel investing firm were InMobi (an Adtech company) and Myntra (fashion e-commerce store). Mumbai Angels makes several investments every year across a wide range of industry verticals.
  4. Harvard Angels: The angel investing network was developed by an Indian-origin Harvard alumni. It was introduced in 2011. The firm has been primarily focused on technology-based startups across Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The presence of a strong alumni network sets the company apart from others.
  5. India Quotient: It is an institutional investor with its primary focus on early-stage and pre-revenue startups. The company was launched by Anand Lunia -earlier with the company SeedFund. India Quotient has been successful in making recent investments across consumer-centric organizations.
  6. Seedfund: It is a famous venture capital firm that has its focus on early-stage startups. One of the major investments of the firm has been RedBus. Mahesh Murthy is one of the co-founders of the company. He is a renowned writer and a leading figure in the startup ecosystem of the country.
  7. Hyderabad Angels: It is another famous regional angel investing network that is gaining a huge impetus in & around Hyderabad. The Telangana Government currently strives to promote the development of a startup hub within the premises of Hyderabad. It will be referred to as Cyberabad.
  8. Chennai Angels: It is another famous angel investing network that has a proven track record of success with its funding events. The angel investing company has become quite active recently. Some of the major startup investments the company was successful in achieving were for a bus ticketing platform, an Edtech startup, and a bioinformatics company.
  9. LetsVenture: It is a pioneering name in the private market ecosystem for investors and founders to build the future lucratively while creating new opportunities in collaboration. LetsVenture was introduced in 2013 to ensure that investing and fundraising processes are simpler for both investors and startups. Some of the renowned names in the advisory board of the angel investing firm are Ratan Tata, Anupam Mittal, and so more.
  10. Lead Angels Network: Lead Angels Network is a leading angel fund that has been registered with SEBI. As it is SEBI-registered, it makes sure that investments executed by Lead Angels Network are capable of meeting compliance and governance standards for the investors. In addition to investments, the firm also offers assistance to startups in following fundraising opportunities.

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Startups can search for reliable angel investing opportunities to get ample funding for running their venture. In addition to angel investors, startups can also search for additional lucrative opportunities like revenue-based financing -a profitable funding option for startups in the nation. It is primarily useful for businesses requiring funding instantly while looking forward to getting out of the concept of equity as well.

Velocity offers access to reliable revenue-based financing options for startups across all possible stages. The firm enables e-commerce brands to raise significantly while ensuring flexible and non-dilutive growth capital for boosting working capital and marketing needs.

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