TN vs IPS – what should you choose?


Choosing the right monitor is important not only for people who are computer graphic designers or digital artists. Also in everyday, ordinary use a poor quality display can cause considerable problems. Among the LCD panels used in monitors, there are usually three main types: TN, IPS and VA. The extremely popular TN screens are often paired with expensive IPS matrices.

  1. What is a TN screen?
  2. What is IPS?
  3. What is better – TN or IPS display?

What is the difference between a TN monitor and an IPS monitor and which one is worth choosing for yourself? Let’s think about it.

What is a TN screen?

TN vs IPS – this is a very common dilemma when choosing a monitor. In order not to make a mistake when making a choice, it is worth looking at both types. TN stands for “Twisted Nematic” and is one of the most popular matrices that are used in monitors. With the right design, this type provides fast response times. Moreover, they are also relatively cheap. Unfortunately, the cheapest models may have a slightly poorer image quality. This problem has been corrected only in more advanced and thus more expensive monitors. TN matrices are often chosen by gamers, who appreciate dynamic games. What is more, due to their low price, they are perfect for office work.

What is IPS?

The second type of display is IPS, which is usually not as popular as TN screens. In the TN vs IPS comparison, this option is definitely more expensive. However, this price translates into quality – IPS definitely has better color reproduction, good contrast and great, wide viewing angles. Unfortunately, they are also characterized by low response time and lower refresh rate than TN matrices for example. For this reason, they are not suitable for people looking for dynamic solutions. IPS displays are best suited for people who require the highest image quality, such as professional graphic designers and photographers.

What is better – TN or IPS display?

In the comparison of TN vs IPS it is impossible to clearly state which solution is better. Depending on your needs and the purpose for which the monitor will be used, you may decide to choose one or the other option. In financial terms the TN screen is much more advantageous, which will be perfect for people who do not want to spend too much on a monitor. IPS, on the other hand, is a more expensive but graphically superior version, which is great for professionals and people who play role-playing or adventure games. Both options have pros and cons, so the choice should depend on individual needs.