Tips for Generating Leads Via Direct Mail Postcards

Mail Postcards

While many realtors focus on digital platforms to reach their target, those who choose traditional methods like direct mail achieve more excellent results at affordable rates. They last long, encourage attendance to open houses and attract potential customers with helpful information about their real estate interests.

Moreover, reputable agencies like Wise Pelicanhave made the task much simpler and hassle-free, even for newbies, with their extensive range of ready-to-use templates. Also, they have reasonable rates and accept orders of all numbers, allowing marketers on a budget to create regular campaigns without financial constraints.

Browse through the following tips that can help you make your direct mail campaign more effective.

Know what to include in the postcard

It is widely accepted that ordinary folks prefer reading postcards and other mailers over emails and social media posts that bombard them with advertising content. Inevitably, direct mail advertising is among the most sought-after methods everywhere, helping realtors reach their target demographic quickly.

However, knowing what you should include in the mailer is pivotal, as it will determine the campaign’s effectiveness. For example, captivating pictures besides helpful information on the respective property will make the piece more authentic. Also, you must never forget to include your contact information, brand name, listings, success rate, and other details about your professional abilities and reputation.

Simplicity and consistency are key

Remember that people do not need to open postcards to read them, so a clutter-free layout will help convey the message more effectively. Keep the content simple, allowing the recipients to understand all the points you wish to make without confusion, adding contact details so that they can call you for more information.

Also, ensure to send the postcards regularly, keeping in touch with loyal clientele while attracting new ones. This helps them know you are approachable and friendly, besides being a capable realtor.

Make excellent offers

Sending mailers with seasonal discounts, free home valuation, and other exciting offers will get immediate attention from the target market. For instance, most folks generally sell their homes during spring or fall, making it easy for you to target these individuals with an offer they cannot refuse.

You can give details about discounts to first-time buyers or sellers with you in the mailer, making the deal exceptionally interesting. Additionally, inform them about lucrative offers to conduct open houses and other events that will achieve their ultimate aim of selling or buying a home.

Use a respectable professional agency

Many professional agencies, such as Wise Pelican, are a fantastic choice for all kinds of marketers. They offer high-gloss, quality templates with full, vibrant color on both sides. Many agencies have reasonable rates, charging an average of seventy-seven cents per piece, enabling you to order any number of mailers you wish. Some companies offer more discounts if you order a few pieces at a time.

Furthermore, several companies provide customizable options and a mail tracking system that allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. You can also build and upload mailing lists, keeping them updated for future use. Another fantastic feature they may offer is unique seller valuation links, helping you reach customers who wish to sell their homes.

Therefore, partner with a dependable company to increase the success rate of all your direct mail campaigns.