The 7 Best Nightclubs In Ottawa


Nightclubs are all about having a fun time and entertaining yourself with the best squad. Nightclubs are the best destinations that give you a dance floor where you can dance to hip-hop songs. You can experience amazing live music in clubs that are played by artists. Clubs also facilitate live bands in the background, and it is the perfect place for music and dance lovers. Nightclubs give you a chance to enjoy music with good food, have a great Night, and have a lot of fun. If you also want to visit nightclubs in Ottawa, then you must read this post. In this, we would like to tell you about the top 7 nightclubs in Ottawa.

  1. Babylon Ottawa

Babylon Ottawa is the precise region in which to spend your weekend partying. In addition, the club also has diverse tune-themed nights, such as Dance Parties Thursday, which plays house tracks. Another instance is 90s tune Fridays, which plays the pinnacle tunes only from the 90s. Furthermore, the membership additionally hosts numerous guest DJs to host exclusive nights, therefore retaining the crowd constantly on their feet.

  1. Pour Boy Pub

Pour Boy Pub is situated on Somerset Street. It has its right cope with at 495 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 5J7, Canada.

The pub will provide you with stable leisure with a few quality songs to dance to. Different kinds of tracks are played in this club, which include classic rock, conventional rap, cutting-edge alt-rock, and so forth. So, this makes this pub ideal and allows you to dance with your circle of relatives and friends.

It also functions on special occasions on the second floor, and other activities nicely consist of comedy activities, rave nights, trivialities nights, paint, and music nights.

  1. CITY at night time

City At Night is situated in downtown Ottawa. City at Night is the perfect membership with the purpose of offering you pleasant parties, clubbing vibes, and standard liquids. You can revel in your favored liquids on the bar that this membership has.

The City at Night membership has an extremely good association of live music, hip-hop culture, and top-notch and exciting DJs in which you may celebrate all night time and enjoy the downtown Ottawa nightlife.

Bottle service is likewise available on this downtown Ottawa membership. Many theme events and other activities additionally take area, which include private occasions, a party of birthday events, and, most essential of all, first-rate tracks and dances.

The City at Night Club looks after its guests very well and usually puts splendid effort into fulfilling the demands of its clients.

  1. Barrymore’s Music Hall Ottawa

Barrymore’s Music Hall is situated on Bank Street and is a splendid club, live performance venue, and tune corridor that has an outstanding stay song. Its right deal is 323 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X9, Canada.

The track corridor offers notable track festivals, top-notch and specific bands, and solo artists who carry out their work thoroughly, which makes it a remarkable vicinity for playing parties.

  1. Caliente Ottawa

If you need to bounce to a real Spanish song, visit Caliente. The resident DJ, DJ Ritmo, is guaranteed to deliver quality tunes to get you dancing on the dancefloor all Night long. Furthermore, the music gambling in this club includes reggae, bachata, Latin pop, and salsa. In addition, the club additionally has a dressy apparel policy.

  1. Green Room Ottawa

Green Room Ottawa is a carbon-impartial club positioned within the city of Ottawa. As the name suggests, this membership is full of color inexperience, be it the lighting, the interior, or even the glasses you drink from. Furthermore, the membership additionally hosts a whole lot of themed nights, one among them being Bucket Life Fridays, which acts as an undertaking for customers. Customers have to purchase the bucket and submit an image with it to win rewards.

  1. Medusa Ottawa

Medusa Ottawa is the most modern addition to Ottawa’s nightlife scene, and it has made its area in no time. This membership has a nice sound, lighting, DJs, bars, and bottle service all around. Moreover, this fashionable and lively club has four different bars that provide extraordinary types of liquids at low prices.


If you are also from Ottawa, then you will be happy to know about the nightclubs where you can make your evening even more enjoyable. You can go here with your friend or your partner and have fun.

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