Terry Lee Flenory: Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Relationship, and More

Terry Lee

Terry Lee Flenory is a popular American entrepreneur, drug supplier, businessman, and investor from Michigan, United States. He is popular in the U.S. as brother aka big meech of Demetrius Flenory. He is also regarded for unlawful sports like cash laundering and drug trafficking and the founding cash-father laundering business company, B.M.F., a black mafia family. Read more about Terry Lee Flenory, including his bio, age, career, net worth, etc.

The Early Life of Terry Lee Flenory

Terry Lee Flenory was born in Detroit on 10 January 1970. He belongs to the American drug trafficker and black mafia family. He is a big meech brother. As consistent with the beginning date, Terry Lee Flenroy was 50. As per online sources, it has come to know that Terry and his brother finished their college research at Equal College. After this, he joined the unlawful company of drug trafficking. He and his brother earn huge amounts of money from cash laundering organizations.

Family of Terry Lee Flenory

Terry Lee Flenory lives in a small family. The name of his father is Charles Flenory, and the name of his mother is Nicole Flenory. His zodiac sign is Capricorn, and he comes from an American family. He also has a nephew named Lil, a famous musical artist and rapper.

Death of Terry Lee Flenory

According to rumors, it has come to know that Southwest T has died by shot. However, no legit assets are available anymore. As per social media accounts, he was shot dead on 26 September 2021. It is not sure how the rumors began, but because statistics have no longer been verified, it mentioned that he is not alive now.

The career of Terry Lee Flenory

As per online sources, Terry Le Flenory started his profession through unlawful business. He and his brother, Big Meech, started collecting cash laundering enterprise, the black mafia family. Through their corporation, they do many unlawful sports, such as drug trafficking. Terry, with his brother, starts their cocaine profession with the help of selling cocaine baggage in the backstreets of Detroit. At the side of the nineteen eighties, at a stage in faculty days, they belonged to a black mafia family in 1989 for cash laundering and drug trafficking in a prepared way. It turned into various magazines with S.M.A.C.K.

Along with this, the brother of Terry Lee Flenory began to use a report label called B.M.F. Entertainment. After the launch from Jail, Terry started his emblem called southwest black magic. Additionally, he also promotes the many emblems merchandise through his social media channels.

T.V. series about a black mafia family

In September 2001, the T.V. display turned into a launched black mafia family. Popular manufacturers and musical artists Randy Huggins, Curt Jackson, Anthony Wilson, and Terry Kopp produce their collection below manufacturing business, Television Inc, etc.

This turned into a collection in a release on September 26, 2021. The popular American actor da Vinci performs the function of Terry. On the other hand, the function of Big Meech turns into a performance with the help of his son, Lil Meech.

Relationship status of Terry Lee Flenory

If we talk about the existence of love in Terry’s life, it is clear that Terry is married. As per his Instagram profile, Terry was married to a girl named tones Welch. According to research, Tensa works as an executive manufacturer and logo influencer. Terry also shared masses of pix with Welch on social media accounts. In line with their Instagram profile, Terry collaborates with Grid commercial company executives and entertainers. There are no records available on his children. But it comes to know that he has kids and shares a lot of pictures with his siblings, nephews, and nieces.

 Terry Lee Flenory net worth

As per the source, the net worth of terry lee flenory is estimated to be $40-$50 million. He collaborated with reputed companies. Not only this, Terry also released his logo called southwest black magic.


The fall and rise of Terry Flenory show the concept and right control that became a large name in the U.S. Terry Lee Flenory earns a huge amount of money from his unlawful business. He works as a proprietor of luxury homes in the U.S.

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