10 Best Tequila Brands India & Top Tequila Brands


Tequila is associated with a full night of regrettable decisions, but it is a very elegant and classy drink if you give it a chance. There are many good tequila brands that are sipped on their own, on rocks, or as part of cocktails. It is made up of cooked agave. The different types of tequila variations are produced from different levels of cooked items.

  1. Gran patron burdeos tequila

It is the dark amber-colored tequila that is come with a rich aroma and is regarded as elegant tequila. It has a smooth finish of raisin, vanilla, and oak wood. The Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila is made up of 100% agave blue Weber that is sourced from Jalisco Highlands. It has twice been distilled and aged in French oak or American oak barrels. Then, it is bottled in a sophisticated crystal decanter.

  1. Gran patron piedra

The Gran Patron Piedra has come with the extra Anejo tequila of 100% tahona base. It gives the best quality of 100% Weber Blue Agave with a content of sugar of around 27% that is used to make this tequila.

It has been aged in French oak and hybrid American barrels for 4 years. The tobacco-like aroma and light caramel are tough to miss. It has a light-cooked taste agave with hints of dried fruits and earthy notes. It gives a long last and smooth finish to people who choose this tequila.

  1. Gran patron platinum

Gran Patron Platinum set aims to give smooth tequila that is made up of a triple distillation process. Only the top agave goes to make tequila. It has the unique taste of light agave cooked with notes of lime, citrus, and orange with white pepper hints. The tequila gets full-bodied to finish and smooth finish because of triple distillation, after which it rests in oak tanks.

  1. Roca patron reposado

The Roca Patron Reposado is important tequila in the most traditional sense. The 100% blue Weber agave is used to make this unique tequila and shine it. It is because of the light aging tequila goes through. It is made up of the traditional Tahona method, wherein a volcanic stone is used for crushing agave. It ensures the sweet taste of agave and American oak. It gives the special tequila taste with a vanilla sweet-like aroma and the taste of earthy mushrooms and agave.


  1. Roca patron anejo

The Roca Patron Anejo is also listed in the name of the best tequila brand in India. It is made up of 100 % Weber blue agave and proceeds through the Tahona method. Their fibre is retained during the fermentation and distillation process. It is aged perfectly for 14 months in bourbon single-use barrels. The sweet and earthy aroma taste comes if the tequila is accompanied by a taste of dried and agave with hints of black and ginger peeper. It also has a smooth velvet finish.

  1. Roca patron silver

The Roca Patron Silver Tequila is made up of 100% blue Weber agave from the Jalisco area. It is roasted in a little brick oven for 79 hours for an intense flavour profile. It is prepared by the tahona method, where the roasted agave is crushed with volcanic stone. It is retained with the distillation and fermentation process. The tequila taste comes from cooked intense agave, apple with orange peel hints, and cooked pumpkin.

  1. Patron silver tequila

The patron silver tequila ultra-premium is made from small batches with grown agave grown in the Jalisco area. Two key processes play an important role in making this tequila. The mill roller process lends flavours of herbs to tequila, whereas the tahona traditional method process brings the agave sweetness.

  1. Patron XO café

The Patron XO Cafe tequila begins with fine blue Weber agave. What makes this tequila unique from others is that it combines the essence of natural coffee from fine beams to make aromatic and dry coffee without any sweetness.

  1. Corralejo Anejo

Corralejo Anejo is distilled by the 100% Blue Weber Agave. The tequila is aged for at least a year in barrels. The tequila has smoky butter hints and representation of rich culture in Mexico.

  1. Corralejo triple

The Corralejo Triple has a tequila distiller that is made up of Weber blue agave. The tequila is popular because of its unmatched quality and clarity. The soft sweet has lingering notes of agave cooked.


Tequila is a traditional Mexican drink that is loved by generations in Mexico. Now, it has gained huge popularity all over the world, with tequila becoming the best drink for people.

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