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Rashel Kolaneci

Have you any information about Rashel Kolaneci? Rashel Kolaneci is a popular Albanian actress, model, kickboxing champion, blogger, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and TV host. She was born in Tirana, Albania on 22 June 1997. She gained huge popularity online because of her modeling pictures shared on her Instagram account. She also made her career successful as the kickboxing champion.

Along with her modeling career, she also works as a TV host and performs in many TV programs, including “Shiko Khush Luan,” “Xing Me Ermalin,” and “Bricijapi,” etc. Dive into this article to learn about Rashel Kolaneci’s height, weight, age, career, education, net worth, family, etc.

Who is Rashel Kolaneci

Rashel Kolaneci hails from Tirana, Albania, and is well-known as a fashion model, actress, social media influencer, blogger, TV host, entrepreneur, kickboxing champion, etc. She also works as a great model, which makes her more famous for her daring and beautiful appearance.

Name Rashel Kolaneci
Date of birth 22 June 1997
Age 26 years old
Net worth $2 – $ 4 Million


Bio of Rashel Kolaneci

When was Rashel Kolaneci born? Rashel Kolaneci was born in Albania on 22 June 1997. She is a famous model, actress, social media influencer, and kickboxing champion. She is 26 years old. She is truly precise in commercial enterprise for her bold and top notch look, and she works in many modeling photoshoots.

Height and weight of Rashel Kolaneci

Once you know the date of birth and age of Rashel Kolaneci, it is time to dive into Rashel Kolaneci’s height and weight. According to physical measurements, Rashel Kolaneci stands at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs around 60 kg. The body measurements of Rashel Kolaneci are determined to be 36-26-40 inches. She is a well-known actress because of her fit body, as she follows a strict healthy diet. She is also determined as a beautiful actress by one source.

Rashel Kolaneci education

What is the educational background of Rashel Kolaneci? Rashel Kolaneci completes her education in her home place. Then, he shifted to the capital city to continue her higher studies. Rashel Kolaneci enrolled in the Ministry of Science, education, and Technology in Tirana, where she studies theatres and music.

In college, Rashel Kolaneci focused on her acting skills and singing and performed well in various campus productions. Her passion for performing arts and music motivates her to continue her career in the entertainment sector after graduation.

Rashel Kolaneci family

Rashel Kolaneci is a famous Albanian actress, model, social media influencer, and kickboxing champion. She is also called a blogger, Instagram personality, entrepreneur, and TV host. Those who are actors, models, entrepreneurs, or work in the same line where Rashel Kolaneci works know about her family because they follow her regularly.

The name of the mother and father of Rashel Kolaneci is not known on the internet. It has come to know that she has siblings, but the name of them is not known.

Rashel Kolaneci career

As we tell you, Rashel Kolaneci works as a popular model, actress, TV host, social media personality, entrepreneur, etc. It shows that she does many things with dedication and passion in her career. She started her career as a kid artist and worked in many TV ads and music videos. Due to this, she gained huge popularity among people.

She does the acting most of the time. Along with acting, she is well-known as a talented model who works with many international brands. In this way, she is represented as a fashion model. This model is managed by Bloc 13. Moreover, she is a TV host and hosts many entertainment shows in Albania. Along with this, she has come out as a professional kickboxing champion. She took part in many championships and won them successfully.

The net worth of Rashel Kolaneci

The net worth of Rashel Kolaneci is estimated to fall between $2 Million to $ 4 million. She earns most of her earnings from her career in appearing and modeling. She started out specializing in her profession from an early age. With her willpower and ardour, she has emerge as a multi-faceted artist and talented actress who has significantly contributed to artwork and Albanian tradition. Her passion, talent, and dedication earned her a great reputation in the entertainment sector, not only in Albania but worldwide.

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