Poker Tech: A Change For The Better


Card games have been in use for several thousands of years now. Of the numerous card games present, poker is the most popular. It is a favorite among beginners and pros. Hence it is natural that it has undergone many changes. Of the various changes, the technological advancements in the game are crucial. Let us see the latest tech changes in the game and how they have enhanced the game’s popularity.

Mobile Poker

The shift from desktop to mobile gaming has boosted the popularity of casino games more than ever before. The prevalence of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. has resulted in online poker sites providing mobile responsive games.

Changes to the 3D graphics and HTML5 used for the casino sites help to customize them to the gaming industry. Many poker sites offer optimized games that can be played on any mobile device.  The advantage of using such technologies is that the sites function efficiently while remaining cost-effective.

Players prefer sites offering mobile gaming to conventional design. The popularity has turned the tech into an integral one in most of the sites now. Besides offering mobile features, casino sites lure players with bonuses and a wider game selection. Luckily, review sites like help players identify which poker sites are the best.

Blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency is an accepted method of payment in online casinos now. It functions based on blockchain technology. The tech provides benefits in many ways.

  1. It is transparent and trustworthy when compared to the conventional payment methods
  2. The system offers better safety and security for player funds. It also ensures their personal information is well-protected.
  3. Due to the faster transactions, players can make quick withdrawals.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR and VR)

To make the gaming experience as realistic as possible, casinos use virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.  AR helps to enhance reality with audio and visual changes. A player can observe the enhanced reality via smart glasses or their tablets or smartphones directly.

In VR, a special headgear is used to help players get an immersive experience.  They have more options for gaming. The technology takes you through virtual casinos where every player has his or her 3D avatar.

In the virtual casino, you can use AR and VR to play the various games present on the sites as well as complete other related tasks. The live dealer poker game shows the best improvement with AR and VR technologies.


Customer support is a vital part of a casino site. Online casinos that understand the crucial part played by the sector use chatbots. The live bots ensure users are at ease during their gambling session.

Text-to-speech or text interactions are used by chatbots for communicating with players.  There are different types of chatbots in use. The command-based bot uses an already present database of queries and answers.

It cannot answer queries that are not part of the database. If a chatbot does not know the answer to a query, it is setup to enlist the assistance of human support personnel.

Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots are another type in use now. These are more advanced than the command type of bots. The bots do not have pre-programmed queries and answers.

You can get solutions for unclear doubts. They respond to user queries immediately. And they provide 24/7 support. The bots are well-equipped to answer queries like game rules, deposits, account setup, and more.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Big data has many applications in gaming such as

  • Provide info about the competitor sites, identify the games that players prefer, and more.
  • It helps in creating potent gaming strategies and customized marketing.
  • Operational costs are minimized due to customized marketing.
  • User-friendly sites are designed that are customized to user preferences.

Artificial intelligence is used by casino sites for providing an interactive and realistic experience. The tech helps in tracking player behavior and gaming preferences. It helps to evaluate the games and players. Casino sites can identify high-rollers and pursue them effectively. The tech also helps to spot cheaters and card counters.

With the use of artificial intelligence, casinos can develop a poker game that is as close to the real game as possible. The realistic gaming experience allows casinos to teach players gaming skills without any risk of losing money.

Final Thoughts

Casino gaming has seen many developments over the years. Mobile gaming and other innovations have created a massive impact on the sector. Without a doubt we can say that the changes have made the games better to play. Users find the immersive experience and user-friendly features conducive to an enhanced playing time.

Whether it is online poker or any other casino game you are interested in, the advanced technologies in the sector have made them exciting and fun to play. With more innovations, players can expect a safe, enjoyable, and profitable gaming experience.

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