Who is Nezuko Kamado from ‘Demon Slayer?’

Nezuko Kamado
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There’s nobody more exciting than a heroic man or woman with a darkish facet. However, someone who remains on the straight and narrow, who reviews moments of problem in achieving their intention (mainly due to a tragic condition outside their management), is captivating to watch. This is exactly what deuteragonist Nezuko Kamado brings to the desk in the famous anime Demon Slayer.

Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer

As a demon, Nezuko’s biological age and chronological age won’t always align. Her biological age would relate to the physical and physiological modifications that have taken vicinity considering she became a demon, rather than her chronological age, which refers to the amount of time that has passed in view that she changed into born.

In Demon Slayer, it’s found that Nezuko is 14 years old. However, it is important to observe that her biological age is lots more youthful than this. When we first meet Nezuko in the series, it is discovered that she has become a demon through one of the demons who attacked her family. Nezuko’s body has stopped aging due to being transformed into a demon, and they now appear to be a younger female.

Even though Nezuko’s chronological and organic age might not coincide, her emotional and intellectual improvement would probably be more closely related to her chronological age. She can also undergo emotional and psychological increase and improvement similar to a human toddler of her chronological age. Although she is a demon, she has certain human characteristics and feelings.

Blood demon art

Considering her innate affinity closer to blood manipulation, it’s rarely unexpected that her Blood Demon Art entails blood. Blood Demon Art is specific to each demon, with Nezuko’s ability to explode her blood into demonic flames.

Nezuko first used her capacity in Demon Slayer season 1 at some point in Tanjiro’s combat in opposition to Rui. In the most recent combat in season 2 of the Demon Slayer anime, Daki confirmed that Nezuko’s flames have been of an unusual satisfaction, affecting most effective demons and demonic origins that remain humans unscathed.

Nezuko Kamado birth

Nezuko was born on 28 December and belongs to Japan. She was born at the Taisho period, that ran from year 1912 to 1926.  Interestingly, that makes her a wintry-weather child rather than Tanjiro being a summer one.

Nezuko Kamado age

Although she takes on several responsibilities for her younger siblings, Nezuko is 12 years old (just a year younger than Tanjiro) at the start of Demon Slayer’s first season. However, by way of the 0.33 episode, she has grown to become 14.

Nezuko Kamado height

Throughout most of Demon Slayer, Nezuko stands at 5’2”, making her three inches shorter than Tanjiro. Despite her relative shortness, she’s robust and agile, appearing as a worthy opponent in warfare.

Nezuko Kamado Powers

Having been turned by means of excessive-ranking demon Muzan Kibutsuji, Demon Slayer‘s Nezuko boasts an impressive range of demonic powers. Unlike other demons, she doesn’t need to devour blood to live on, alternatively relying on sleep to restore her electricity. Later, within the collection, she also develops immunity to sunlight, a pressure of nature detrimental to different demons. Furthermore, she’s skilled in hand-to-hand fighting, frequently using her legs and nails to assault foes.

Nezuko’s demonic powers consist of possessing tremendous size-alteration ability, massive bodily strength, and swift regenerative abilities. She also has managed over her very own bloodstream. She might utilize a Blood Demon Art referred to as Pyrokinesis, permitting her to exude and control pinkish flames (created via her blood) that are harmful to other demons and demonic objects. Her advanced demon form offers her a grownup-like appearance and enhances her already wonderful bodily powers, raising her regenerative capability to mirror that of high-ranking demons.


Nezuko is effortlessly one of the maximum powerful demons within the Demon Slayer collection, likely because of the massive quantity of blood she changed into given by Muzan. But what makes her a surely terrifying opponent is her strength of mind, being the only different demon after Tamayo to escape Muzan’s control. Her willpower also allows her to control herself and not attack human beings steadfastly. She consciously attempts to shield them as a substitute.

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