8 Best Muctau Alternatives to Read Manga Online


Muctau is an online platform that allows users to read manhwa manga for free. This website has a huge variety of content online, including series. It features a manga selection consisting of work by popular writers like kentaro miura and Romika Takahashi.

You can easily find your favorite series on this site without paying a membership fee. You can also see the other episodes of your favorite series on the Muctau website. But some people are looking for its alternatives. If you are also one of them, then you should read the muctau alternatives in this article.

What is muctau?

Muctau is an online manga reading site. There are manga from more than 25 genres available on this website, including manga, manhwa, manhua, isekai, josei, yuri, shoujo, AI shounen, etc. This website has come with a vibrant appearance that permits users to read and watch online manga free of cost.

List of muctau alternatives

Here is the list of alternatives to muctau if you do not want to use muctau or face any issues while using it

  1. Skymanga

Skymanga is the best website for manga and webtoon readers. If you want to watch manga or webtoon for free, then no other platform is best than sky manga. SkyManga allows you to watch images without any issues or eyestrain problems. On SkyManga, users can read manga for free, but if they want to get a financial contribution, then also you can do it.

  1. Mangabat

Mangabat has a collection of more than 70 different Manga. It provides different genres and stories to users. It also allowed you to upload or share the manga online. The best thing is that manga permit users to leave comments on various manga range.

  1. Mangastream

MangaStream is another best Muctau alternative that allows you to read manga online at a free cost. It provides a wide range of comics and a basic user interface. You can also bookmark your favorite manga and watch it later. Moreover, this online website is popular among people because of its updated comic material and comics archive.

  1. MangaTX

MangaTX is an online free website where you can easily read manhwa, manga, and novels online. This site is updated constantly with new comic books. You can use the collection of manga online at its library if you are late to watch comics. The best thing is that this site helps you to find your favorite manga stories. Due to this, mangaTX is considered the best alternative of muctau

  1. Mangareader

MangaReader is a free alternative that allows you to read manga and comics online. You can also use it as a library if you miss the latest manga to read at that time. With the search bar, you can find your favorite manga on this website. This website has become highly popular in 2017 in many countries like China, Japan, etc.

  1. Mangakatana

MangaKatana is an online website that provides you with free online manga reading. It gives you a wide variety of manga that you can read instantly. If you want to see your favorite manga but do not have a lot of time to spend on different websites, then no need to worry. You can visit the Mangakatana website and watch your favorite manga and shows.

  1. Mangahub

MangaHub is a safe-to-use website for watching manga. It is an online Japanese manga website that permits people to read free manga and comics online. Comic books are expensive rather. But it is not also feasible to access these. Mangahub has a wide collection of the latest comic novels for you to read for free.

  1. MangaRaw

Users can easily choose from various comics on the free manga website manga raw. It gives you access to digital comics. On the Mangaraw website, you are able to read the latest manga for free, like one piece, bleach, dragon ball Z, and one piece naruto.


Muctau and its alternatives give the all-famous manga series to people. The best thing is that there is much latest manga that is added online to the category of this platform, so the users can never be bored.

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