List Of Top IT Companies in Pune

List Of Top IT Companies in Pune

Pune… the beautiful city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. 2nd biggest IT hub in India after Bangalore is actually the job factory for the youth of Maharashtra. Many companies of manufacturing and production, finances, chemicals, and automobiles are located in Pune. Actually, it is the 2nd biggest job-creating city in Maharashtra after Mumbai. But what makes Pune even better than Mumbai in aspects of job is that Pune have India’s best IT companies offices. So youth have great opportunity to work in India’s most growing sector.

Tech Mahindra

The Tech Mahindra, one of India’s biggest IT giants,was initially established in pune in 1986. This business has grown  approximately $5 billion in marketvalue and operates internationally in 90 different countries. To create significant infrastructure to boost India’s IT growth,to create great experiences and memories all across the world is one of Tech Mahindra’s main industrial motive. They provide a productive, target-based workplace with strong leadership. They also focus your own development. One of the best fits for a new hire seeking for work in Pune may be this. They want to assist their clients in using cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize their company.


A youth-led company based in Pune, Mindbowser offers skilled technological services and solutions to business owners. The main aim of Mindbowser is to instill urgency and turn the tide of business challenges by providing qualified technological teams and solutions to its clients.

Their goal is to co-operate their clients in expanding their enterprises by perfecting the fundamentals of cutting-edge platforms and changing the course of critical-path initiatives, which will produce notable advancements and long term, high-impact returns. Since there is a lot of healthy competition, the work environment is demanding in a good way. Top management offers plenty of exposure and guidance, and there is a respectable work-life balance.

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India-based HCL Technology is a bigmultinational company of IT services and consultancy.

HCL Technologies is a global player in building next-generation technology that aids organizations in rethinking their operations in order to have dominancein  the digital age. The company’s technology products and services are the outcomes of four decades of study, invention, and insight.


One of India’s largest IT firms, Infosys, is widely regarded as having been the catalyst for the country’s technological and IT revolution. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, however the firm was founded inPune.

According to the Forbes Global 2000, Infosys is the second-largest IT company in India. Software development, Data handling, cloud, maintenance, and independent validation services are utilized by businesses in the financial, insurance, manufacturing, and various other sectors.

With its extensive experience of more than three decades, Infosys successfully leads individuals through a transition. The growth and transfer of digital know-how from Infosys’ technological ecosystem is what fuels the team’s continual improvement strategy.


A division of Wipro Limited, Wipro India Business is a market leader with decades of experience in India and a global leader in end-to-end IT transformation, consulting, and BPO. The company makes use of information technology to help people make a smooth transition to the digital age. This company was also the leader in India’s IT revolution during the 80’s & 90’s. The organization offers business process consulting, information technology, and other services. The company is a significant global enterprise. For its broad range of services, steadfast commitment to sustainability, and excellent corporate citizenship, Wipro is well-known on a global scale. They employ 1,90,000 passionate people on six continents. The business earned Rs. 61,943 croresof revenue as of 2021. Among Pune’s top IT companies, it is.

TCS (Tata consultancy services)

It is an international provider of consulting and IT services with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. The business was founded in 1968, by Tata’s son. The second-largest firm in India according to market capitalization, One of the most expensive brands for IT services in the world. As one of the top providers of IT services globally, they collaborate with clients to streamline, improve, and transform their operations. It is one of the most well-known IT companies in Pune. One of the most valuable IT services brands in the world is Tata Consultancy Services.


Providing cutting-edge digital, cloud, and security services, Accenture is a global professional services company. they offer services in Strategy & Consulting, Interactive, Technology, and Operations, fusing unmatched knowledge and specialized capabilities across more than 40 industries. their clients are from more than 120 different countries.


The best professional service provider in the globe is Cognizant. The Fortune 500 lists Cognizant, which has its headquarters in the United States and is ranked 194 overall,consistently ranks among the most admired companies in the world. The companies that Cognizant operates in include consulting, BPO, digital goods, digital IT services, and other related ventures. The company is also recognized as one of Pune’s IT companies with one of the fastest increasing income streams, coming in at US$16.8 billion.

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