Entertain Yourself With Isaidub Website


Are you a movie lover? If you are saying yes then you should know about isaidub. As we know nowadays, watching movies in the theater is expensive. It is not possible to watch them daily. On the other hand, watching movies in apps can also prove to be costly. It is always not possible for us to recharge the app and watch movies. Moreover, you need a strong Internet connection for it. That is why you should shift your attention toward isaidub. It is a pirated movie website. That is why several people are using it. You can watch different types of movies and web series at free of cost. As soon as the movie is released, it is available on the website. However, the government bans Isaidub VIP Tamil movies.

How To Download Isaidub Movies?

As we stated earlier this website is good for downloading different types of movies as per your desire. It is a public torrent so you can use it on all the content available on the website. The isaidub is mainly to download Tamil movies,but you can also download other movies. It is safe and you can rely upon it.

The best part is that it doesn’t require any money to download the movies. You can watch different types of movies on the website. Other than that, you can watch it online or offline as per your requirement. You can either download the entire movie on the device and watch it later on or watch it online directly.

The downloading of movies is simple and easy.

  • First you have to visit the website of isaidub com. In the search bar, you will find different movie options.
  • Type the name of the movie that you are looking for. You will get the option to download.
  • You will find different options like 380p, 480p, 1080p. If you choose the first one then the quality of the picture will not be good. Whereas 1080p will provide you awesome picture quality.
  • Click on the download options. The movie will be downloaded on the device. You can watch the movie when you are free.

It is an illegal and pirated movie website. So,it is best for theaters and online OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5, Hungama Play, etc. Here you will get to see the best Tamil dubbed movies. All the movies are available in hindi and English subtitles. This website provides various formats and sizes according to the mobile capacity.

Is It Safe To Download Movies From Isaidub?

It is undeniable that isaidub is a pirate’s illegal website to download several types of movies. The Indian government has banned this website and declared it to be illegal. An illegal website can never be trusted and reliable. These websites show different types of advertisement from various sources. Instead of allowing free Tamil movies,they earn from users by watching advertisements.

The advertisements are not from a good source. So,if you watch the website then the advertisements can harm your device. Moreover, it can also hack your bank accounts. Hence,it is essential to use the website safely so that no harm can happen. It is not safe and secure to stay away from these websites. However, people are using this website randomly. It is their own risk. We recommend you not to use it for your safety.

How Does Isaidub Earn?

Isaidub is a reliable but pirated website. Hence,it is better to stay away from it. However, recent research states that this website is earning money randomly from people who are using it. They almost earn millions of dollars from it. Have you ever imagined that a pirated website can earn so much money? This is the success rate. If you are thinking of using it then you must be aware of the government. If the government gets to know that you are using the website then they might take strict actions against you.


To conclude, it is important to say that isaidub is the pirated website for watching Tamil and Bollywood movies. We have stated all the pros and cons of the website. You should decide all the factors and then proceed.

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