How To Navigate To The Closest Grocery Store ?

How To Navigate To The Closest Grocery Store

Finding a grocery store near you can be easy if you are familiar with the place or if it’s a small area. You can ask for directions or the name of the grocery store from someone.

What if you have recently shifted to the area or need groceries at unusual hours?

The technology and internet have made it easier. You can search for anything and everything on the internet. Right from finding recipes to finding grocery stores, google does it all. So to help you in finding the nearest grocery store here comes Google & GPS at your service 24*7. With the help of technology, you cannot find the closest grocery store but also the time at which the store remains open.

Google maps, Waze & Google Assistant help you best in navigation. If you are an iPhone user then ‘Siri’ is also at your service.

Google Maps

The easiest and most convenient tool to reach your location. You just have to enter your location and search for the nearest grocery store. You will find the nearest store and the easiest route to reach there with directions. Google map shows routes for all means of transportation whether it is by bike, bus, or walking.

You can also save the route offline for future reference in case you have a network connectivity issue. It also informs you about the traffic conditions. You can also use Google Maps while driving. It gives you proper instructions on when to turn and in which direction to take.

Google Maps gives you the address and phone number of the store if provided by the store. You can also share maps with your friends and family. Here are the steps to navigate to the closest grocery store on Google maps:-

  • Open the Google Maps app on your phone.
  • Enter the nearest grocery store in the search tab. A list of the grocery store will appear.
  • Select the grocery store near you. You will get the location & distance from your location.
  • At the bottom left, tap directions. Then choose your mode of direction.
  • You will see the shortest route in blue color. If other routes are also available they will appear in grey. You can choose another route by clicking on the grey route.
  • To start navigation, tap start. Once you follow the path you will reach your destination.


Waze is similar to Google maps. It can be easily downloaded on both Android devices and IOS devices. Waze is built for users’ cars or motorbikes. It provides the fastest route to your destination. Similar to Google maps, you just have to search for the nearest grocery store, and you will find the shortest and fastest route there. Waze not only will inform you about the traffic condition but will also alter your route to make you reach to destination quicker, unlike Google maps. Waze helps you save time. You can also save directions offline in Waze. But saving offline directions won’t inform you of the traffic conditions. Steps to use Waze:-

  • Download the app on your phone. It is available for free.
  • Open the app and search for the nearest grocery store. You can find the nearest one.
  • Waze will show you the fastest-reaching route in green, red indicates very busy, and orange indicates mildly busy route.
  • You can also turn on the speaker which Waze will instruct you on the direction and hurdles. If you turn on only alert mode then it will inform you of hurdles only.
  • Follow the route as shown by Waze and you will reach your location at the earliest.

Google Assistant

If you are an android user you can ask Google Assistant to guide you to the nearest grocery store.

  • Google Assistant can be activated by saying ” Hey google”.
  • Ask them to search for the nearest grocery store.
  • Google will guide you to all the nearest grocery stores.
  • It will navigate you to the store you select.


If you are an iPhone user you can use Siri in a similar way to Google Assistant. Siri is activated by saying “Hey Siri ” or holding down the home button.

Before using these apps make sure you have good internet connectivity.

Some other apps that might help you in finding the nearest grocery store are –

  • Mapquest
  • OsmAnd
  • Here WeGo
  • Apple maps
  • Scout GPS.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a nearby grocery store depending on the area in which you live. In such cases, you can use an online grocery shopping app like Big basket, Grofers, Dunzo, Nature’s Basket, Zepto, and many more.

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