How To Block Someone On Tiktok

How To Block Someone On Tiktok

It is easy for tiktok users to block someone on app. If you want to restrict someone to access your tiktok content and protects your account, then you can bock user on tiktok. The clear-cut system of blocking off and unblocking people ensures a more secure and more customized experience on the platform.

TikTok customers want to visit the profile that they desire to block. Once you attain the profile, subscribers need to faucet three dots seen at the right-hand corner. The choice of ‘Block’ will be visible. Once blocked, that consumer may be unable to interact and engage with content.

What Happens When You Block People on TikTok

There are many reasons behind blocking someone on tiktok, whether it is reasons of harrassment, spam, unwanted interactions or protection, etc:

Blocking no longer only facilitates you filter profiles and films of the blocked users who offend you however additionally facilitates you name off unwanted messages, remarks, and interactions from the blocker users, selling a more secure experience without spam or ad messages and comments. Surely, you may not see in their search result when they look for your username.

Why Would You Block Someone on TikTok?

Before we get into the “how,” permit’s remember the “why” first, blocking a person on TikTok isn’t about being judgemental of someone; it’s about keeping your online safety. Here are some reasons why you would possibly consider hitting that block button

  • To restrict Unwanted Attention

TikTok can now and again appeal to unwanted admirers who might unsolicitedly mail your remarks or ship pointless messages. Blocking them ensures you regain your space to polish TikTok advertising and marketing.

  • To Filter Negative Vibes

While TikTok is often in the middle of creativity, you might run into terrible or hurtful feedback. When you block the source of those remarks, you’re doing yourself and your fans a desire with the aid of preserving your profile’s high quality.

  • To Manage Your Privacy

If there’s someone you don’t need looking at your content material, blocking off may be an effective privacy measure.

  • To Curate Your Feed

By blocking off an account, you could eliminate their content from your “For You” web page and make your TikTok experience extra enjoyable. Now that we’ve got the “why” out of the way let’s get to the “how” of blocking a person.

How to Block Someone on TikTok

  • Open the TikTok account you need to block

Unfortunately, you must navigate to the TikTok account that you need to block. For this case, I’m using TikTok’s legitimate account.

  • Click the percentage button.

It seems counterintuitive, but the next step to blocking a person on TikTok is to click the share button within the pinnacle right nook of their profile.

  • Select Block

When you pick the share button, a popup will let you choose someone to proportion it with without delay on the app. I even have those blocked out right here. However, consider me, and they are there. Beneath that, you’ll have the option to share the web page outside of the app by copying the link, sending it in a text message, or using any other social media platform. Below, you have four alternatives: file, Block, send message, and QR code. Click Block.

  • Select Block again

Once you pick Block, a popup will seem that reads: “Block [insert account]? They will no longer be able to send messages, see your posts, or find your profile. This would not include extended eventualities like multi-host live streams, duets posted via others, or organization chats you both take part in.

There you move! You’ve blocked an account on TikTok. To unblock them, navigate to their profile and click “unblock.” You can’t pass over it: It’s in the middle of the page in bright red.


TikTok, one of the best apps of all time, allows you to make thrilling videos and share them with the sector. Since TikTok embraces an extensive community, there are people of each kind. If you discover everybody unwell-minded, it would be better to disregard them and shield your data and content material by turning on the block function.

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