What is EEHHAAA Advertisement Company


Today everyone wants to make money online without working hard. Many websites and apps pay customers to play games online or watch shows or ads online. Among various such apps, one of the most talked about apps is ‘EEHHAAA’. For understanding what is EEHHAAA and how it works, here is the whole article.

What is EEHHAAA?

EEHHAAA is a global advertising platform where advertisers can advertise their products or services from anywhere & anytime. It offers advertisers access to a diverse audience, with the ability to target ads based on gender, location, age, and a wide range of interests. Anyone watching an advertisement on EEHHAAA gets paid. Yes, this app pays rewards for watching ads and for referral links.

This app matches the interest of the audience with the type of ads. Each user has to record their interests & demographics. EEHHAAA grabs their interest with an ad of 60 seconds or less, interested viewers save it for later or click on it to access offers. It is called ‘deep-impact advertising’.

EEHHAAA is one of the fastest-growing ad networks in Asia, it currently has 6 million active & verified users.  Due to its reward system users are motivated to watch ads regularly which helps companies to reach more potential customers in less time.


EEHHAAA let’s company target and advertise to eager viewers in the community that is interested in their products or services. The EEHHAAA helps companies in the following ways:-

●     Reaching local market

Since viewers provide their location during sign-up, it’s easy for companies to reach their potential customers in the area company chooses.

●     Target a receptive audience

Since viewers here have chosen their interests, the company can be confident that their campaign will be shown to an audience that is interested in the type of product or service the company provides.

●     Target your ad performance

Follow individual campaign or get an overall view of your campaigns. We offer impression and engagement statistics which you can view day by day, week, month, or by a custom date range.

●     Manage ads easily

A company can easily manage ads, even after they’re live. Simply pause your campaign, edit your audience, top up your budget, or change your media preference before setting it live again.

●     Grow a loyal client base

By advertising through EEHHAAA, the company has an opportunity to secure returning customers who are interested in your offerings and will likely want to hear about special promotions in the future.

How does it work?

EEHHAAA ad viewer is verified as a real person who has completed their profile which includes their interests, geography, age, and gender. EEHHAAA matches companies advertising with the exact target group they want to reach to grow their business.

The company can use a design they already have or make use of the EEHHAAA ad creation tool to create one from the EEHHAAA dashboard. It allows several different ad formats, such as png., jpg, and mp4. Adverts that are mobile-friendly will perform the best as the majority of viewers use their phones.

Companies get real-time access to their campaign statistics and discover the number of views and click ads received as well as how many times ads have been saved as favorites. These metrics can empower the company to edit its campaign even after it has been set live to optimize its results.

Steps to run a campaign in 4 steps:-

  • Register – Register your account with the invitation link.
  • Upload – Upload the prepared image ad or video ad, or simply make an image ad inside the EEHHAAA platform.
  • Define – Define your audience and campaign time.
  • Payment – Payment is simply made online with VISA, Mastercard, Google pay, and Apple pays among others.

Pricing –

EEHHAAA provides transparent, per-campaign pricing. It also provides some amazing discounts. Discounts can be availed using the code received from the EEHHAAA contact.

Demographics –

  • Approximately 6 million total users.
  • 49 million average daily views.
  • The age range of 18 – 99 years.
  • 95% male users.

The registration process for a company-

  • Visit the official website of EEHHAAA i.e. admin.eehhaaa.com.
  • In the top-right corner, you will see the “Get started” icon. Click on the icon to signup.
  • Set up your account by filling in all the necessary details.
  • After setting up your account, you need to fill in the details of the company. Once you are done you are good to go. Then you can post your ads and discount.

The login process for a viewer-

  • Visit app.eehhaaa.com. Click on Register if you are a new user.
  • You can register with your email, Google account, Facebook account, or JAAlifestyle account.
  • Fill in all the necessary detail. Once you complete the process, you can watch ads and earn money.

EEHHAAA is a global platform and is mostly used in countries like India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Algeria, and Egypt.

The top interests of the viewers are Clothes, Movies & TV, Shows, TVs, Food, Children, Computer Hardware, Audio, Beauty products, and Restaurants.

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